3 02 2013

Authored by William Robert Barber

Our republic has evolved from the constitutional tenets and canons of 1789 into a social media- fundraising-propaganda-spieling enterprise calculated to provoke and stimulate the citizenry into channeling politically divergent perspectives onto and against their respective opponent.

The Democratic Party in liaison and affiliation with the wonks of academia, Capitol Hill elitist and the varied disseminators of national media, (who have long ago decided to vantage entertainment over substance) have a wizard within the office of the presidency who at his discretion orchestrates the chaos into order and upending order in favor of chaos.

While bullishly irresponsible on fiscal concerns, President Obama’s domestic and foreign policy is disconcerting. These liberal progressive doctrinaires, brethren of the president, with the implicit aid and assist of the Federal Reserve, by outlandish spending, have created a negative cash flow nation. This government of the United States of America has eaten its tail and presently, at the risk of financial impairment, is contemplating to devouring its vital organs.

And for what purpose one may ask? The answers might be: So to fund an entitlement State; to redistribute some peoples’ money to other people, for foreign aid/wars, for the benefit of indefinable possibilities; for the intangibly vague (such as education), and to bequeath cash to those qualifiers who are dedicated functionaries (Democratic Party subservient loyalist) who grant, lend, give, and waste taxpayer funds, all in the name of President Obama’s ideal of fairness and social justice.

Fundamentally, the elected act and the constitution be damned;” if you don’t like it,” those exercising the power and prestige of their elected office declare, “Take it up with the Supreme Court.” Senators and congresspersons have and do violate the rules of their own making, the president decides which laws he is going to enforce; he enacts executive privilege and the congressional investigation of “Fast & Furious “ends. Is this the government we Americans envisioned as a democratic republic?

The Obama administration has implemented (and is in the process of implementing) the final touches and nuances negating the constitutional consequences and effects of the checks & balance system, the senatorial prerogative of  advice & consent, and the principal of federalism, while at every opportunity usurping the power vested with the House of Representatives.

There is a revolution afoot; and so far the Liberal Progressives are winning…




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