10 02 2013

Authored by William Robert Barber

Government spending will be cut with genuine authenticity only when the interest rate is raised by the Federal Reserve, thereby rendering the interest on the debt a budgetary untenable. Unless and until the interest rate is increased by at least 100+ basis points the federal government is able to play the music, dance around the issue, and pay the fiddler with devalued dollars. The Obama government’s persistence with this precarious fiscal endeavor (to expend more capital than accrued by tax revenue) will continue until hell freezes over, interest is raised, or the Republicans gain voting control of Congress.  

The statutorily structured independent status of the Federal Reserve has evolved, operationally, into an interdependent entity. An entity that is in Simpatico with the concerns of the Treasury and in tandem with the fiscal policies of the White House; consultation is admitted but collusion between the after fore mentioned is harshly denied. Nevertheless the evidence is that the White House, Treasury, and the Federal Reserve exchange quid pro quos is performance-apparent. If one couples this collusion with the Federal Reserve’s plan for the purposeful monetizing of the debt to the detriment of the creditor; it is certainly plausible that the Feds are implementing an inflation solution to satisfy the abatement of the national deficit.  Once one accepts this as an objective-effectif of the Feds one has also deciphered the president’s economic end game and the why fore of such collusion in the first cause.

Membership in the president’s cabinet will be decided, as it was for the 1st century Rome’s centurion to Caesar, founded solely on the basis of fidelity to President Obama.  The Constitution as referenced by Obama’s progressive acolytes’ interpretive, is subject to determinations of present considerations and modern-age developments not to the literal as written interpretation.  Adding amendments to the original doctrine is a long and difficult process one that progressives’ reject; instead, they favor embellishment, misdirection, avoidance, and adherence to the spirit of lawfulness. By manipulating the legal process, such as President Obama’s recent recess appointments, disobedience of statutory requirement, as exemplified with Senate majority leader’s unwillingness to vote on a budget, and by the president’s constant demeaning of any opposing viewpoints with unsubstantiated ad hoc and often scurrilous declaratives.  

For the president and the progressively inclined Democrats executive Orders and the manipulation of the legal, as well as, (when required) extralegal are wares of exponential resource so to enhance the power of government.  The president’s mission is not to persuade in the interest of consensus so to implement policy; far from it. The president is only focused on the next election. His aim is to control congress with his brethren of liberal progressives in the majority-nothing else matters.

This nation has been down this road before. After two terms of progressive President Wilson the post-war economy was in a free fall and the nation required a new vision. Warren Harding provided that new governing order. Harding won a clear landslide election a total repudiation of Wilson and his progressive agenda. Harding’s formula for economic success was low taxes & tariffs, less central government, and adherence to constitutional’s original intent. After President Harding’s death whiles still in office Calvin Coolidge continued in the same manner and form.

The nation then as today faced a clear choice it can return to free-market ideals, lower taxes, smaller government and the restriction of the Federal Reserve’s promiscuous fiat monetary policies therefore abandoning Keynesian susceptibilities which invariably will lead to a European-style social democratic governance or NOT.

Now I wonder can conservatives’ persuade a majority to vote in their favor or will they, the have less and the have not’s vote progressive so to guarantee their government sanctioned entitlements?




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