15 02 2013

Authored by William Robert Barber

Are we “the people” so daft? As exemplified by the president’s State of the Union speech, are we, as with the president, so utterly disengaged from reality that we can be led by the left hand of rhetorical nothingness? Are we-in the interest of enforcing the thesis of social justice and the imposition of an egalitarian entitlement society-to scurry off the cliff and into the abyss of imprudent economic meandering?  Economic meandering is effectively the messaging content of president’s State of the Union address. Although positioning self as a classic a Deus ex Machina he spoke only in rambling generalizations. The president communicates in an axiomatic manner; his prose is as elegant as a Shakespearean sonnet. But his hortatory is void of meaningfulness.

I concede that President Obama is neither a bête noir nor a paladin of righteous virtue. However, he is much more dangerous than the average politician of Machiavellian persuasion. Untethered by the askance normally bequeathed upon a sitting president with criticism limited to obvious contrarians, the president, possessing the ability, according to an adulatory press, to leap over tall buildings, as well as, pointed questions, this unapologetic Europhile, founded exclusively on pretty words unchallenged by ugly facts has, despite the anaphoric, “not one dime on the deficit,” captured the nation’s all-important benefit of the doubt.  

It has been said that, “the past is future’s prologue.” And how many times have we experienced the negative results of greater, larger, more powerful governments. I do not believe a list is required; but if one was required, the list would be long, multicultural, cross historical, with no geographic limitation. History has documented, powerful governments only become more powerful, more intrusive, more of everything; and in proportion, individualism, liberty, and freedom abate and wither.

Clearly the State of the Union speech was a rally cry for bigger and greater government, inclusive of the bigger and greater, the president is more than a willing proponent and practitioner of Raubwirtsschaft. Which is an economic system most profitably practiced by the Roman Empire; but instead of robbing countries, the president robs the supposed wealthy, ostensibly, to give entitlements to the have less, of course factually, these funds do more to enrich and empower government.

In the speech the president did welcome the Republicans to contribute their ideas. He had a caveat as to his willingness to accept their idea. But the confessed caveat was not really the caveat that resides within his heart and mind. That caveat is: “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”

The president is a dirigisme. He believes that society or should I say the economically defined poor to middle class within society would be happier and more justly served by a benevolent government that did all the thinking for them. Of course, in the interest of the common good, this government could not have limits or restrictions.  A constitution for the idealized progressive is more an encumbrance to the implementation of social justice than a guarantee of individual liberty beside individual liberty is persistent contra to common justice and fairness.

Amazingly, the American people actually believe this president…



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