22 02 2013

Authored by William Robert Barber

If one cannot effectively persuade, one cannot gain consensus; if one cannot gain consensus, one cannot lead. Presently, the Republican Party cannot lead nor coalesce nor speak with even a conspicuous voice. The Party has a difficult time holding fast to its ideals or its core tradition as being the conservative alternative to the Democrats.

The sequester was a concept that the Republicans signed on to… now that the effectual is days away, some-enough Republicans want to back away from not a cut in spending but a cut in the growth of spending. This is as ridiculous as the president (in November of 2011) pledging to veto any attempt at rescinding these automatic across-the-board cuts. Now, this very same president is forwarding dire consequences should the sequester be initiated.

An immigration solution was soundly defeated when Bush proposed it; Republicans called it amnesty. Today, the Republican members of the ad hoc committee led by the Floridian junior Senator of Cuban ethnicity suggests that the eleven million plus illegals already in the USA should receive a free pass to legally reside while congress wrestles with border security and other politically inspired nonsense. Now that suggestion is not amnesty, hmm… if that was the mindset, why not move in that direction when Bush proposed an immigration solution? That would have stymied the Democrats on that issue.

The federal deficit along with spending is out of control. ObamaCare has premiums going up, not down. Unemployment percentages are hovering around eight percent. Every day for the last month the price of gasoline has appreciated. Across the scope of political ideology the majority of politicians, voters, economists, and the Congressional Budget Office all agree that if federal entitlements are not modified to drastically lower operational cost, the programs will be financially impaired.  The Senate has not produced a budget for years; the president is thus far two months late with his budgetary submission. President Obama’s executive orders circumvent constitutional due process. Presidential recess appointments negate prescience and antecedence.  The Justice Department skates on the mismanagement of “fast & furious.” Benghazi is a White House cover up; the president’s response to the attack was nothing less than an extraordinary mix of distortion, lies, duplicitous nonsense, and “pants on fire” denials. I could go on…

And still! The Republicans cannot get a foothold on favorable public awareness…




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