25 02 2013

Authored by William Robert Barber

If today’s politics were submitted twenty years ago as the basis of a screenplay and the sequester issue in congress was the mainstay plot; if the protagonists of today were scripted with the word for word exactness presently depicted by the national press; and if the fear tactics employed by the White House Staff as well as the president’s cabinet officers, press secretary, and ad hoc political surrogates made up the contextual of the screenplay, no producer, director, nor script reader would find the premise a reasonable possibility.

“Surely,” they would conclude, “There’s no chance that the leadership of this nation could condone such silliness. This script is too farfetched and contrived.” They would stamp REJECT and send the script back to wherever it had come from.

This entire sequester issue is a fanciful contrivance. If we the people cannot see the folly in this Obama induced hype then we truly are adrift, disoriented, bewildered, forlorn, and forsaken to the acceptance of liberal progressive political nonsense as a truism, a factual maxim, and therefore a rationalization of and for the subordination of existential principles.  

For reasons unbeknownst to me (regarding the sequester issue) the president and his cohorts can’t seem to grasps the problem. This federal government spends more than it takes in. This is the simple definitive of the problem. The solution is to cut the spending to match the incoming revenue. And yes, instead of taxing more spend less. Concentrate on broadening the tax base, cut out loop-holes, stop subsidizing any and all unworthy programs, and eliminate funding the United Nations, labor unions, and giving away foreign aid in the form of weaponry to quasi-friends, such as Egypt. Whoops, that’s enough to brand me a nihilistic right-wing fanatic.

One would think that exploring oil and gas, opening the pipeline from Canada, revamping federal entitlements, reconstituting Medicare requirements, merit testing Social Security and welfare. But no, withstanding the need for such prudent action such is not the Democratic liberal-progressive agenda. They would rather print money, tax more, spend more, and the devil with good-sense.

For the president this is all about the election of 2014. For him and his ideological subjects nothing else really matters. Winning for him is a Democratic majority in congress; in the interim, for the nation’s interest, “let them eat cake.”

Of course nothing is as damaging to the economy as the forthcoming increase in interest; this increase from today’s rate of almost zero will stop all the nonsense that the progressives could possibly dream of. When the debt cannot be serviced because the interest payments are excessive and insurmountable all hell will break lose. Equity market will dip, bond market will appreciate, unemployment will increase, and unless a strong dollar is the goal thereby hurting exports Obama will need to polish up his rhetoric and the progressives will need to find some other cause to blame.



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