28 02 2013

Authored by William Robert Barber

Regarding the “sequester” issue, I am a bit confused by the robustly implied as well as explicit economic determinations propositioned by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, cabinet officers, and senior elected officials of the Democratic Party.  

As I understand their judgment: the federal government’s cash infusion is so significant that any decrease of government subsidy into the economy, specifically decreasing the present rate of growth by less than 3%, would devastate the country’s economy. If this is so, is this not a perfect example of “too big to fail?” Which of course begs relevance to the obvious query: how in the world did the federal government’s financial contribution to this country’s economic well-being become so dominating and dependent?

And since we’re bringing up that question, where does all this cash come from? Does the government have title to undocumented gold and silver mines? Is it selling off assets? Maybe the feds are selling off the deposits posted in U.S. banks and custodial depositories of foreign countries? Because as I understand it the federal government is not a business; in fact, the government survives on the surpluses of private enterprise; those surpluses are conveyed as taxes and fees. Surely, the federal government is not buying its own debt, speculating on mortgage futures, borrowing from Social Security, its citizens, private enterprises, and foreign governments; surely, these graduates of Harvard and Yale know better than that?!

I do believe that this time the Obama administration has stretched the bull, its tail, and the horns a bit too far. As Senator Clinton said of General Petraeus, “a willing suspension of disbelief,” I now bestow this quote upon all who argue against implementing the cuts as directed by law.

The progressives are obligated to continue spending money; they are addicted to the wholesale enlargement of government; they are only concerned and entranced with and hell bent on eliminating all opposition to their ideological wherewithal. Their goal is to control. Control everything. How one thinks, acts, eats, drinks, and deliberates. The Obama league of willing participants, as witnessed by their speeches and championed by the president, embellishes, distorts, conjures, and lies. Hypocrisy though obvious is dismissed; indeed, the national media (of all sorts) erase, edit, reconfigure, ignore, and affiliate in the interest of promoting the progressives’ goal.

Well, the game’s in play. This infinitesimal cut in the growth of government has raised a storm of controversy; if the Republicans continue fighting off the irrational bully, they may come out of this with some very public creditability.




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