Authored by William Robert Barber

A comment was passed on to me by a friend; she suggested that I write a blog on positive content instead of my consistent inclination to express only the negative. So I thought and thought a bit more, but for all my thoughtful thinking my mind drew a blank. Now, in my defense and considering we are all experiencing the golden age of Obama, if I was writing a Liberal Progressive blog I would have everything positive within my composition. But alas my blog is quite the contrary…

Like all of us I receive, routinely, from all sorts of sources, varying degrees of gentle persuasion from differing perspectives. Some of these perspectives are substantive and render a meaningful contribution to my understanding of a particular subject. Most however are purposefully deviating, artificially embellished, and consume usurious amounts of time to process. Admittedly, most of my writings have been specifically critical toward the workings of government and the adverse effects of excessive taxation. I also, often passionately, highlight the burdensome near-stupid regulatory configurations that challenge a layperson’s sensibility. Seemingly, I never neglect citing the near-childlike persistence of politicians (regardless of affiliations) to act, in the first cause, for the benefit of political party over and instead of nation.

But I do, withstanding my issues with government and politicians, have issues of fretfulness with private enterprise. I believe that if private enterprise or the few therein wasn’t so bent on committing dastardly deeds, many of our most egregious and cumbrous of regulations and laws would not even have been thought, of much less implemented. If these dishonest few were instead ethically consistent in their business dealings, obviously violations of statutory lawlessness would abate. Hence, civil lawsuits would not tie up the courts and prosecutorial difference could therefore concentrate on criminals and their willful intent to breech the law of the land.

Of course we do have the private enterprise of attorneys seeking out cause for billing hours so in the first cause to satisfy their firm’s cash flow requirements and in the second, to elevate themselves from associate to partner. A judicious operational audit of the general practice of law would conclude that the practitioners of law are as much to blame for the purposeful clogging up of the conduits of the court system and the near eradication of the peoples’ belief in judicial fairness-as the scofflaws. As a consequence our judicial system, contrary to original intention, is nothing less than a maelstrom of confusing procedural interfaces between opposing attorneys, the processing demands of the court, and the pretense of serving the interest of the client. The most egregious of lawful methodology is called ‘discovery’ or in terms of a layperson’s understanding, cause for excessive billing hours… Discovery is a predetermined dance between opposing lawyers ostensibly to expedite the lawsuit through the court system; but of course the advocates of such a change of original procedure were instituted by attorneys for the benefit of attorneys and certainly NOT for any other purpose.

The judicial system does definitely require a solemn purging of spurious litigation. But then I am asking — or should I say appealing — for what is clearly the impossible. After all, this sector of private enterprise is occupied by the expert practitioners of the deadliest of anti-democratic-counter-republic felonies: The practice of statutorily compliant corruption; these practitioners of law are procedurally supervised by other attorneys called judges. The fox is guarding the hen house and we, the people, suffer because of it.


Authored by William Robert Barber

The time for the financial reckoning of our heretofore wanton fiscal imprudence is coming like a snowball, gaining speed and size as it tumbles: lending rates will inevitably rise initiating a higher than sustainable borrowing cost on the national debt.  This development is as predictable as the rising and setting of the sun. The monetary near-future for the United States, withstanding the Federal Reserve’s inclination for the extenuation of cheap money which mirrors the administration’s purposeful, albeit tenuous, ultimate policy of monetization, the higher cost of money will have its consequence upon the nation’s economy.  

 Approximately 48% of our nation’s debt is held by the public at large, private as well as public traded entities; of that amount a substantial percentage is derived from foreign sources (such as China and Japan), the principle of the remaining balance is in the form of intra-governmental non-marketable securities such as those debt securities deposited in the Social Security Trust Fund. In other words, the majority of the US issued securities is in a non-liquid, non-marketable form. For this reason, the only means to convert the treasury’s debt-securities deposited in the Social Security Trust Fund  into pecuniary form is to print more money. I therefore conclude that the inflationary pressure upon presentation for currency conversion will force the value currently assessed in this trust fund downward.

There are only two reasonable alternatives to relieve this development: Spend less or tax more.  And since government lacks the means to spend less (as evidenced by precedence), therefore government will tax more.

Government CANNOT produce personal nor real value; it is incapable of creating wealth or directly sustaining anything or anyone. Government is a devised creation that has taken on a self-sustaining alter-ego;  government is a perpetual motion machine… It simply requires existence to burn money. 

Government is comprised of thousands of worker bees and because these worker bees are human government is and will forever remain intrinsically corrupt. Since 1789 the representatives of our government, respective of their original intentions, were and presently are susceptible to duplicitous behavior, civil – even criminal – behavior; they are responsible for the causation and dissemination of fraudulent inducement, greed, and a myriad of other such human failings. The powers within government has created an abstruse, Byzantine, befuddling, arcane, and discretionary legislative process that is beyond the comprehension of the layperson and most of the elected. Many of the nation’s laws are ambiguous and possibly even unconstitutional. In actuality government is nothing more or less than a number of varied enigmatic committees. Wonks rule!   

Prompted by the 2008 crisis the omniscient sagacious ones confidently endorsed the Keynesian multiplier to positively affect and ignite the American economy. Bernanke validated (and is complicit in) the endorsement of the Keynesian multiplier. Debt instruments such as mortgage back securities, treasury issued paper, and multiple financial guarantees were and are marketed for purchase. Billions of these purchasers are the very government that issued the paper. Hmm… does the fact that the issuer is the purchaser — not prompt one into considering some intellectual inquiry?

Incentivized by the Federal Reserve’s easy-money policy, a significant cut of corporate operational costs (mostly on lower labor cost) and a tacit surety of understanding between Bernanke and Obama on near zero interest rates did spark a booming secondary market for public-traded shares.

In the meantime the patiently waiting for Keynesian multiplier effect to jump-start employment and GNP growth has worn out any anticipatory joy.  The Obama administration, with some meaningful help from President Bush, has squandered hundreds of millions of taxpayer funds. The only way these funds have been repaid in the past is by decreasing the purchasing value of the dollar.

It is the hope of the Obama administration and the feds that such depreciation of the dollar remains as absent of mind as it currently does. The ploy is to show the shinning object of a booming stock market. Imply explicitly and implicitly that the wealthiest are not paying their fair share. Blame the Republicans for everything negative, and maybe the higher than normal unemployment rate and the increase in gasoline and food cost will go unnoticed long enough to confuse the populous so the Democrats can win the majority in the House of Representatives.

The preceding is my interpretive of the political nonsense presently underway in Washington and a perfect example of the president’s (non)sense as well as means of governing…


Authored by William Robert Barber

Ideological differing amongst Americans is divided into two distinguished political-socio-economic factions. The one believes that the government is best suited as the final arbitrate of what is considered fair and just; and simply put, the other faction does not. This faction believes in a limited central government wherein power is decelerated, conditioned, and redirected to perform from the bottom upwards. In other words, governing power is emitted from a position closes to the governed; with optimum concessions of sovereignty vested to the States, the citizenry, and the person verses the central government.

Those that embrace the idea that government is best suited as the final arbitrate plea for a government of coercive largeness; I use the words coercive largeness because one cannot have a government of largeness without an inherent and ever-increasing coercive function.  The fuel required to operate this government of largeness is taxes, fees, the excessive printing of fiat currency, and regulator delivered penalties on private industries.

The debate over taxation is usually centered on questions of how much to tax, whom to tax, and what and whom to except from taxation. The Democrats want to tax energy corporations, the rich, and just about all aspects, parts, and pieces of private enterprise. The Republicans favor less taxation and particularly do not want to tax private enterprise or the rich. Interestingly, both parties shy away from taxing the majority of Americans, those annually earning less than $45,000. Each political party hold firm to some interpretive standard of what is fair, morally justified, and for the benefit of the middle class; but, neither are interested in adjusting federal spending to match tax revenue within the foreseeable future. In fact the Democrats’ new misdirection is to boldly declare that the current deficit of Seventeen Trillion is according to President Obama “under control.”

The new financial determinative rhetorically exported by liberal progressive pundits and representatives of the Democratic Party:  That any form of fiscal austerity is detrimental to the nation’s socio-economic demeanor, its fiscal wherewithal, and will therefore prompt the teetering economy into a recession.

The Republican response to the Democrats’ new financial determinative is centered on either stressing that the real problem is spending or that less tax positively stimulates the economy whiles fervently expressing to all that less taxation increases tax revenue. But because the Republicans lack the means and or the ability to express and drive home their contention. Because the nation’s people have elected the Wizard of Oz twice and recently reconfirmed Democratic control of the Senate the odds of the traditional understanding of individual liberty and freedom surviving much longer is at best 50/50.

Here’s the deal…the philosophical underpinning of congressional legislation since 1913 have created an American enterprise wherein the government controls and directs the means of production not by owning them but by the specific and general application of regulations. More taxation simply feeds the beast that controls person and property; the more the beast receives the more the beast regulates and controls. The government of the United States as with all developed nations has long ago trashed even the appearance of fiscal and monetary restraint.

In 1913 the dollar was defined as 1/20 of an ounce of gold; in 1944, 1/35, presently, the value of a dollar in respect to gold is estimated at 1/1,600, of course in today’s world fiat currency predominance there is no right of the individual to the fiat to gold conversion. The conceptual given of liberal progressives are that government has come of age, as Keynes contended in 1945. He went further to explain that government has become “trustworthy,” so they should direct and control the financial life of nations. As for central banking, it should “be regarded as kinds of beneficent technique of scientific control such as electricity or other branches of science are.” Keynes words would warrant a laughable moment considering the situations experienced since that remark.

A reductionist would analysis the current fiscal crisis of ever-mounting deficient problem compounded by a potentially unsustainable interest-bearing national debt and conclude that a government should not spend in excess of its revenue. There are others, including President Obama who brazenly declares that in an economy of variant multiplicities, sophisticated economies of scale, a bottomless depth of resources including the means to print tons of dollars, is the new-economic sensibility. In the Obama administration the talent of expertise is managing one’s money supply not balancing the budget. To paraphrase the president’s word, the deficit, and debt is under control.

Panglossian propensity is a liberal progressive’s intrinsic sense of virtue. They truly do live in a world as they wish it was not the world as it truly is.


Authored by William Robert Barber

John Winthrop’s “That Shiny City Upon the Hill” was the first of many romantic idyllic superlatives that served to disfigure the authentic America.  The real America is a story wherein the idyllic wish-we-where is flawed by it historical reality. America is a nation striving to fulfill the ideals that motivated the writings of its founding documents as well as adhering to the covenants within its original constitution.

The Founders created and bequeathed a constitution. This composition of laws was purposely organized to establish a government of limited scope; a government defined as a democratic republic; a government wherein the people must passionately participate. But instead, “We the people” can hear but we often do not listen. We have vision but we do not discern. We have intellect but we dither to apply. Most of us Americans appreciate the conceptual positives of a democratic-republic but do not vote. Few of us participate in our local government and less of us consider service to one’s armed forces or community as an ordinary obligatory of citizenship.

Obviously, the American people have often failed “to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” America as a more perfect union is a work in progress.

The history of America is a docudrama of dysfunctional behavior; as well as, a continuum of virtuous efforts to right the wrongs of the preceding. And through it all, the good as well as the bad, the unreasonable and the nonsensical, by means legal or extralegal the corruptive influences of Au Contraire were and are omnipresent. Presently, the followers of President Obama are threatening to rewrite the founding principles of the democratic-republic in favor of the contraire to limited government, personal liberty, as well as, economic-social freedom.     

Today not unlike yesteryears, exemplified by the State colors of red and blue, congress is ideologically divided. Emphasizing and reasoning that the division is catalyst by the inequality of economic and educational opportunity, therefore, we the people, are divided by a lack of moral conviction on the part of the wealthy to insure the welfare of those less fortunate. Our nation, according to the last election, is roughly comprised, of forty-eight percent in opposition to and fifty-two percent in favor of the current presidential administration. This division has been flared up by the president’s hoopla regarding the completely erroneous nonsense that the rich (anyone making more than $400,000 in taxable income) is not paying their fair share of taxes.

This wholly fabricated distortion of reality was invented and propagated by the Democratic Party and its leader President Obama. Consequently, it is the president that is completely and entirely, solely and exclusively charged with the responsibility of uniting the divided. He is instead striving to recommit and invigorate his, “in favor of,” for the single political goal of winning Democratic control of the House of Representatives. The president’s first two years are not dedicated to governing; these two years are tactically designed to eliminate any and all political opposition to his last two years of office.

I believe that individual sovereignty is a right of citizenship, that liberty is the natural result of such sovereignty, and that the retention of such liberty will be constantly challenged and always paid for, As Winston Churchill declared, “in blood, sweat, and tears.”

America must never compromise, mitigated, or diluted the belief that existentialism is the philosophical basis of its limited in scope government. Of course the liberal progressives and their leader President Obama will present, deliver, and promote a contrarian alternative.      


Authored by William Robert Barber

Once achieved, the accepted expenditures for the federal government will never recede. Indeed, governmental departments are biased to increase their particular annual budget; the design of federal infrastructure is purposefully structured for the expansion of “the cost to operate” not the antithesis.  The current maelstrom generated by the “sequestration” issue exemplifies my contention; understand pointedly this heated contest between politicians and affected bureaucrats is over a reduction in the amount of growth. The “sequestration” is not cutting any monies from the current expenditures but of future increases.  

The government is a utility. A knife, a fork, and a spoon; the government has no intrinsic software. It has no genetic capability to operate independent of persons. The U. S. government, per the nation’s constitution, is comprised of three branches; the government is only as good as ‘the people’ and their interest therein.  The elected are influenced into action by a multiplicity of differing factions. The government is organically corruptible. However, the government is as inanimate as the rocks in the earth. Consequently, the problem is never the government; the problem is always the people and the elected.

The elected with few exceptions are collectors, admirers, and unabashed narcissistic proponents of dominion enhancement. Whether constitutional or extra-constitutional the elected will always protect any and all powers previously granted. The federally elected will never invoke term limits. With scat but acknowledged exceptions, the elected render-service to the people only if such rendering does not conflict with party loyalty. If elected the objective is reelection if out of office the objective is to attain office. Billions of dollars are spent by the elected and the wannabe elected…these forthcoming’s of campaign cash infusion pour in regardless of the nation’s economic disposition.

The spiraling cost of governing is no coincidence. I suggest there is a bridge between statutorily compliant corruption and multi-term elected officials. A governing system that enables the elected to a never-ending hold on power cannot possibly govern with a prudent regard for a limited government.

Deductive logic induces one to always put the horse in front of the carriage. Withstanding such a rudimentary deduction, today’s legislators seem to believe the carriage can run horseless. They seem to believe that the printing of fiat currency can replace the taxable profit produced by private enterprise. They deem that the good faith and fidelity of a sovereign United States of America is so immutable that the world will never stop lending.

So no need for horses and for those horses still running tax them more, and more. Why not? Horses are no longer required to pull the carriage. If there are any doubters, well, accordingly, they are rightwing outlanders that obviously need deployment to reeducation camps or wholly disregarded as baneful, unsophisticated, deceitfully disingenuous, and definitely Republican.