Authored by William Robert Barber

Once achieved, the accepted expenditures for the federal government will never recede. Indeed, governmental departments are biased to increase their particular annual budget; the design of federal infrastructure is purposefully structured for the expansion of “the cost to operate” not the antithesis.  The current maelstrom generated by the “sequestration” issue exemplifies my contention; understand pointedly this heated contest between politicians and affected bureaucrats is over a reduction in the amount of growth. The “sequestration” is not cutting any monies from the current expenditures but of future increases.  

The government is a utility. A knife, a fork, and a spoon; the government has no intrinsic software. It has no genetic capability to operate independent of persons. The U. S. government, per the nation’s constitution, is comprised of three branches; the government is only as good as ‘the people’ and their interest therein.  The elected are influenced into action by a multiplicity of differing factions. The government is organically corruptible. However, the government is as inanimate as the rocks in the earth. Consequently, the problem is never the government; the problem is always the people and the elected.

The elected with few exceptions are collectors, admirers, and unabashed narcissistic proponents of dominion enhancement. Whether constitutional or extra-constitutional the elected will always protect any and all powers previously granted. The federally elected will never invoke term limits. With scat but acknowledged exceptions, the elected render-service to the people only if such rendering does not conflict with party loyalty. If elected the objective is reelection if out of office the objective is to attain office. Billions of dollars are spent by the elected and the wannabe elected…these forthcoming’s of campaign cash infusion pour in regardless of the nation’s economic disposition.

The spiraling cost of governing is no coincidence. I suggest there is a bridge between statutorily compliant corruption and multi-term elected officials. A governing system that enables the elected to a never-ending hold on power cannot possibly govern with a prudent regard for a limited government.

Deductive logic induces one to always put the horse in front of the carriage. Withstanding such a rudimentary deduction, today’s legislators seem to believe the carriage can run horseless. They seem to believe that the printing of fiat currency can replace the taxable profit produced by private enterprise. They deem that the good faith and fidelity of a sovereign United States of America is so immutable that the world will never stop lending.

So no need for horses and for those horses still running tax them more, and more. Why not? Horses are no longer required to pull the carriage. If there are any doubters, well, accordingly, they are rightwing outlanders that obviously need deployment to reeducation camps or wholly disregarded as baneful, unsophisticated, deceitfully disingenuous, and definitely Republican.

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