Authored by William Robert Barber

John Winthrop’s “That Shiny City Upon the Hill” was the first of many romantic idyllic superlatives that served to disfigure the authentic America.  The real America is a story wherein the idyllic wish-we-where is flawed by it historical reality. America is a nation striving to fulfill the ideals that motivated the writings of its founding documents as well as adhering to the covenants within its original constitution.

The Founders created and bequeathed a constitution. This composition of laws was purposely organized to establish a government of limited scope; a government defined as a democratic republic; a government wherein the people must passionately participate. But instead, “We the people” can hear but we often do not listen. We have vision but we do not discern. We have intellect but we dither to apply. Most of us Americans appreciate the conceptual positives of a democratic-republic but do not vote. Few of us participate in our local government and less of us consider service to one’s armed forces or community as an ordinary obligatory of citizenship.

Obviously, the American people have often failed “to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” America as a more perfect union is a work in progress.

The history of America is a docudrama of dysfunctional behavior; as well as, a continuum of virtuous efforts to right the wrongs of the preceding. And through it all, the good as well as the bad, the unreasonable and the nonsensical, by means legal or extralegal the corruptive influences of Au Contraire were and are omnipresent. Presently, the followers of President Obama are threatening to rewrite the founding principles of the democratic-republic in favor of the contraire to limited government, personal liberty, as well as, economic-social freedom.     

Today not unlike yesteryears, exemplified by the State colors of red and blue, congress is ideologically divided. Emphasizing and reasoning that the division is catalyst by the inequality of economic and educational opportunity, therefore, we the people, are divided by a lack of moral conviction on the part of the wealthy to insure the welfare of those less fortunate. Our nation, according to the last election, is roughly comprised, of forty-eight percent in opposition to and fifty-two percent in favor of the current presidential administration. This division has been flared up by the president’s hoopla regarding the completely erroneous nonsense that the rich (anyone making more than $400,000 in taxable income) is not paying their fair share of taxes.

This wholly fabricated distortion of reality was invented and propagated by the Democratic Party and its leader President Obama. Consequently, it is the president that is completely and entirely, solely and exclusively charged with the responsibility of uniting the divided. He is instead striving to recommit and invigorate his, “in favor of,” for the single political goal of winning Democratic control of the House of Representatives. The president’s first two years are not dedicated to governing; these two years are tactically designed to eliminate any and all political opposition to his last two years of office.

I believe that individual sovereignty is a right of citizenship, that liberty is the natural result of such sovereignty, and that the retention of such liberty will be constantly challenged and always paid for, As Winston Churchill declared, “in blood, sweat, and tears.”

America must never compromise, mitigated, or diluted the belief that existentialism is the philosophical basis of its limited in scope government. Of course the liberal progressives and their leader President Obama will present, deliver, and promote a contrarian alternative.      

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