Authored by William Robert Barber

As with a lover’s declaration of fidelity, the preverbal check is in the mail and the notorious promise of repayment if only the funds were available today. In variant manner and differing configuration, such duplicity is the inevitable result of a liberal progressive’s fiscal policy. Bundled within such a policy is a multitude of vectors designed to misdirect those influenced into machinations of a world the progressives wish it was versus the world as it is. A progressive’s world is nuclear-free. It is also a world of rainbow colored possibilities, hollowed assumptions, ill-conceived consequences, and devised contrivances. The progressives’ belief dismisses opposing evidence as counter-purposeful when in fact such evidence simply does not harmonize with their ideological conjecture. By blending agile misrepresentations that are often seeded with distortions, factoids, and off-subject emotive carping, a liberal-progressive’s response to an opposing perspective is fraught with illogical and fanciful dismissiveness. Liberal progressivism is blessed with the philosophical convenience of believing in political conceptualism wherein today’s reality is subordinate to tomorrow’s concept.

Progressives have the inkling that social justice is a moral righteousness that economic disparity (as defined by them) is degrading and sinful, and that private enterprise is the culprit for most of what’s not fair and equitable. Their economic vision inevitably meanders into rhetorical wanderings of cathartic purgatives of class warfare wherein the rich, hence evil doers, suppress the middleclass, hence doers of goodness, and the only virtuous alternative to assuage the grievous harm is government. Naturally, there is a bushel full of hypocrisy and deceit incorporated in their assumptions and presumption; nevertheless this particular truth of the matter will never lead to a reorientation of their core ideology. 

Relative to the rich there will always be poor; there will always be benevolence as there will always be malevolence. We humans are in features, culture, language, circumstance, aptitude, and health decidedly different beings of shared commonalities. Analogous with such distinction one accepts that self-interest is an a priori human prerogative. Power, be it corporeal, economic, financial, or even imagined as real, is the essential fuel that motivates, provokes, and maintains the actions of all transactions and behavior. Humans, respective of altruistic exceptions, in the ultimate finality of defining behavior will always act in their perception of self-interest. For this reason alone, individual liberty and freedom cannot be limited in favor of a powerful-government’s interpretive of what’s best for the collective’s economic good.

Progressives as well as conservatives are susceptible to the often beguilingly inducement of subtle white lies, minor infringements, and petty violations of conscience. But when the President of the United States and prominent acolytes of the president, offer in the normal course of oratory, dispositions of ideological biases that demean into Ad Hominem accusations against the Republican Party or the so-named “right-wing” of America; the practice of common civility abates, tolerance subsides, and purposeful dialogue between opposing factions suffers. The potent forces of amorality, the obvious absence of righteous sublimity, the misrepresentation of common civility for political gain is severely damaging our republic.

I understand that covetousness and envy are integral to human expression; that one’s traditional values are besieged by ever-changing mores. I recognize that there are challenges and questions of statutory legitimacy as to what was once considered lawful and unassailable. However, respective of the preceding and of course appreciating the president’s political goal of winning a majority in the House of Representative, the president and his progressive economic agenda, is doomed to failure. He and his progressives will fail to win the hearts and minds of Americans because what they represent is athwart to the ethos of the American version of a democratic republic; additionally, President Obama’s progressive principles of social justice integrated within an entitlement society wherein a dominate federal government oversees a centrally planned economy is doomed simply because the policy is incompatible with liberty, freedom, as well as economic sensibility.

President Obama’s progressives’ policies will fail but that does not necessarily mean that progressivism will fail to influence or even fail to overcome the empirical-sensibility of capitalism; indeed, the republic could degenerate into a European-style economic/social model. It is possible for Americans to forsaken their heritage of freedom and their ideal of individual liberty for the socialistic ruse of surety and protection from all of life’s challenge. Such would be a progressive’s dream come true… such would be Obama’s legacy.

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