Authored by William Robert Barber

Two times a day, at an hour of mother’s discretion, one cookie at a time was put into our hand and subsequently into our mouth. The cookie was delicious. We wanted more, at least one more was our plea; but mother, citing good sound reasoning, would have none of that and flatly denied us children that one more cookie. Within the confines of satisfying our wanting, mother’s reasoning was rejected; what remained in our mind was our wanting for more cookies.

Now we knew where the cookie jar was placed and although cautioned never to retrieve a cookie without mother’s knowledge. Despite the warning we deceived mother, advantaged our brother and sister, and stole a cookie out of the jar. We ate the cookie; we did it again and again until all the cookies were gone.

If the government replaced mother, the children were the people, and the cookie was currency printed by the Federal Reserve, purposed to deficit-purchase social/health services delivered under the banner of federal and State entitlements such as ObamaCare, and Medicare, the metaphor of mother-and-cookies would directly reference the nation’s undisciplined aptitude on self-control.

We are enabled into fiscal self-destruction by our politicians. We want more cookies. We really don’t care if more cookies are unhealthy… just give us want we want. Oh yes, and we refuse to pay for the cookies.

Additionally, there is a large segment of Americans who, gathered under the ideology of liberal progressivism, believe that getting unlimited amounts of cookies is a right of Americans. This right in the spirit of generosity also extends to non-citizens; factually, these progressives believe the right to eat as many cookies as one desires is universal. For these believers paying for the cookie is simply a matter of deficit financing and taxing corporations and of course the rich.

Further, in the interest of fairness and the unanimity of shared economic sacrifice, progressives envision eliminating all individual tax deductions for any gross income above $250,000 and of course, corporate deductions must also bend to that circumstance of fairness and sacrifice for the common good.

So says the progressive politician: “cookies for everyone and damn the consequences thereof…”

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