Authored by William Robert Barber 

There’s an existing interconnection; a vital-intractable, a symbiotic absolute, a palpable intellectual crossing point that proportions the extent of personal liberty to a nation’s form of economic configuration.

Liberty is the father; capitalism the scion, individual liberty la familia. However, along with the blessings of liberty and its benefits arise (for every voting age American) the requirement of self-reliance, behavioral responsibility, and the prudent participation in all of the individual mandates of citizenship. Government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” will perish from this earth if we the people allow the subordination of individual liberty in favor of a governing-socialistic protectorate.

Socialistic economies limit and often stymie individual liberties. This type of economy is accompanied with high taxation, a central planning-bureaucracy, and unsustainably high deficit financing coupled with an ever-mounting public debt. Sound familiar? The informed populous of Europe and fifty-percent of Americans are cheerfully complicit with socialism. They have willing traded their individual liberty for the ruse of economic security. European socialists and American liberal progressives, striving to make rational sense out of the ridiculous, have redirected deductive reasoning into the absurd. They have forthrightly created the economic Land of Oz; for only in this make-believe economy can government spending account as a necessary contributor to the nation’s Gross National Product.

Taxation is not commodification; the industry of government siphons off profits and wages to governmental purpose. Governmental purpose often runs amuck of original intent; cash created by taxation is not only fungible it is the most influential instrument of corruption. 

Capitalism’s DNA dynamics does expose society to the risk of repetitive financial-fiscal disturbance. The capitalistic system is an “at risk” enterprise.  Therefore the reality of capitalism invokes a criterion of anxiety. Anxiety, uncertainty, and disquiet-angst are factual-mainstays of this type of economic system. One may conclude that capitalism because of its participatory requirements are the cause of societal and financial inequality. I believe, as stated by Jerry Z. Miller, “that inequality derives less from the unequal availability of opportunity than it does from the unequal ability to exploit opportunity.” But I do concede that capitalism does challenge the individual onto a measure some will not be able to achieve.

The moral political tradeoff for these socialist economies is the creation of a robust welfare component mandated to stand along-side the dynamics of a capitalistic system.  I suggest that such an interface is not only incompatible as well as wholly unmanageable. It is effectually sanctioning the insatiable cash-eating carnivore (the welfare component) the means to devour its very source of financing.    

Liberal progressive socialistic economies (as expressed in Europe or the one President Obama is striving to create in America) offer an economic system wherein, notwithstanding the sensible hesitation of a few level-headed politicians who truly understand the tax-dependence of government on the profitability of business want to force business to the edge of nationalization. These very same are unionist to the core; economic theorist extraordinaire and practitioners of constitutional-perversion.  They are legislators who possess an ideological commitment to egalitarianism; while smartly combating entrepreneurial efforts with regulatory manipulation and creative tax initiations. Their focused endeavor is to control and therefore redirect the “for profit” instinctual of business, by regulation and coercive tax initiatives so to financially support government’s redistribution of wealth agenda. 

Nevertheless, in the interest of having profits to tax, albeit inwardly fighting off their acrimonious inclinations whilst decrying the present social-financial inequality as a by-product of capitalism; socialist-liberal-progressives do accommodate a cumbrously encumbered free marketplace. Taxable sources does seem to bend progressive ideology to the center…now if we can just motivate these progressives to move to the right.

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