Authored by William Robert Barber


The politico-syntax of Obama’s press offices and spokespersons when addressing the most recent scandals are effectually reengineering the process of communicative deliberation. Within the Obama circle of ‘persons in the know,’ embellishments are nothing more than meaningless embroidery, hues of puffery, and rational indulgences for the sake of definition.  Exaggerations are simple overstatements designed primarily to make items of interest more noticeable. Outright indefensible lies are misstatements. The result of honest forgetfulness, wrongly placed phrases, or incorrect wording — all of such explanations are necessary clarifications of what otherwise could be considered by the common and unenlightened as indefensible lies.




It is tolerantly understood by liberal progressives that explanations of policy or detailed terminologies by a cadre of Obama-appointed cabinet officers, agencies, and department chiefs are likely beyond the intellectual grasps of the common recipient. The inner-workings of a highly sophisticated governing methodology (as applied by the Obama government) understandably are difficult for the lay-citizen to comprehend. An Obama presidency is after all unlike any other; therefore, Obama spokespersons though striving to distinguish and disseminate the facts often fail to communicate these truths to a skeptical, mostly wrongheaded-conservative undereducated audience.




The president’s acolytes are concerned that if responses to questions are truthful the public will not fully comprehend the merits of the administration’s insightfulness. Republicans will politicalize the one, two, or possibly three missteps and therefore confusing the real merit of their leader’s meaningfulness. Regardless of these short-term trivial scandals, the value of concern is the faithful adherence to the ultimate goal of “change we can believe in.” A true progressive believer understands that all of Obama’s actions directly or indirectly should be viewed as commensurate with Saint Paul’s definition of faith which in essence is to assume that what was said, written, or viewed by President Obama or his spokespersons is the truth of the matter and consider all contrary evidence as purposeful distortion perpetrated by the president’s enemies.




Admittedly, the preceding was a satirical releasing of bent-up frustrations; withstanding, clearly we citizens understand the recent scandalous exemplification of a government too big to function. Our constitution is only as truthful to its intent as those with the power interpret, apply, and implement. The Obama administration is not the first to lie, cheat, and steal; unless the nonsensical progressive agenda is voted out of power, individual liberty and personal freedom restored, government intrusion eliminated, this scandal, respective of political party, will be repeated.


Is it probable that the concept of a democratic republic as a governing ideology is experiencing its last days? Can congress actually function? Will citizens vote? I have no idea… after all, the people did vote twice to elect Obama.




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