Authored by William Robert Barber

The governing process in this country of ours has drifted from a democratic republic wherein the relationship between the central government and the states was manifested in the constitutional covenants of federalism and a system of checks and balances into a federal republic wherein the implied and explicit power of the executive branch is not only dominant but all powerful and sovereign.

Since the presidency of Wilson and onward the executive office has predominantly enunciated its dominance over Congress; presidents can effectually commit armed forces into combat, for years, without a declaration of war, the executive can issue a declaration of consequential action by simply calling for an executive order; it can evade Senate confirmation by appointing a shadow cabinet, and as recent developments verify, the president can effectively stonewall Congress’ obligatory of checks and balances oversight. The president as exampled by the National Labor Relations Board breaches the meaningfulness of the Constitution as well as precedence with unilateral appointments while Congress is in session. Considering the cover-up in Benghazi, the willful scofflaw of the IRS, the Justice Department’s behavior in ‘Fast and Furious,’ the highly questionable evasion into private phone records and emails of AP and Rosen, and the obviously bogus predicate designed so to affirm a judge’s order — no reasonable, rational citizen could possibly trust any government.   

And if that is not enough evidence of a way too powerful presidency, the executive branch can direct the enhancement of a secret surveillance directive that electronically monitors, then stores the very same data on American citizens into perpetuity. Interestingly, the proponents of this swear lawfulness; after all, they declare Congress and its elected representatives voted for the Patriot Act and all of its relevant agreements. I counter with only one significant: Are these the very same representatives that passed ObamaCare without reading its content?

Yes, I understand: it’s a complicated world; I also know for certain that political ends and self-serving dynamics are often at the root of governmental action. Those in power want to remain, those out of power want to attain, and in politics which is the earnest of governing, the means to which power is attained or maintained is only relevant if one is caught.

America has drifted into an authoritarian state wherein the central government controls the States’ once sovereign status. Where appointed senior officials of the IRS can dance around Congressional oversight and a noteworthy employee can declare the fifth because to do other would be incriminating. Eric Holder has lied to Congress on more than one occasion; Hillary Clinton is unknowing on Benghazi, and the president is informed of current events per the television. Hmm…  

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