Authored by William Robert Barber

Lost in the nonsense of our own making… in this Land of Obama-Oz, America befuddles its way from crisis to crisis, policy disintegration to reconfiguration, from argumentum to a shambolic assortment of  misperceptions that summarize, in its finality, into a condition of perplexed bewilderment. This is the governing credo within the Land of Obama-Oz…

Most recently we have wasted billions of dollars in the Middle East chasing rainbows, butterflies, and a sundry of wistful vagueness all the while needlessly spilling the blood of our warriors. The Russian of consequence, Mr. Putin, regards our president as simply silly; Israel understands, it’s on its own; Germany is thankful the U.S. is not a part of the E.U., and the Taliban is so very pleased that Obama was reelected. In the meantime, ObamaCare and the Dodd-Frank legislation, both hallmarks of this liberal progressive administration, are still sleuthing along, heedlessly meandering, striving to find the contrivance to a progressive’s Nirvana.  

Prompted by Keynesian wonks who preach (despite evidence to the contrary) that the government, properly invested, can actually spur, create, or initiate an efficient, effect, and dynamic economy.  Of course invested is a Democrat’s word for taxpayer funded spending…

From my vantage, my impression is that because of unions extracting disproportionate amounts of consideration(s) for their federally employed members, defense contractors continuously seeking a larger defense budget, the excessive spending of every federal agency, a series of imprudent irresponsible congresses, a seemingly never-ending assemblage of guileless misdirected do-gooders, this nation’s treasury has been and presently is bilking the people out of billions upon billions of taxpayer funds. 

Possibly self-governing has been a mythic ruse, a self-deceptive delusion with no basis of certainty; the idea of democracy and the concept of forming a functional republic through admirable in principle has fallen short in application. The basis of the 1789 constitution requires a diligent, informed, participatory citizenry that values virtue above power. Regretfully, George Washington and Cincinnatus were unique originals; power is the deadliest of elixirs…

In the present rendition of “the land of the free,” courts decide, free of formal objection and contrary discourse, as to what is private information and what is in the best interest of the nation. Their disquisition and oral deduction is clandestine. Withstanding the threat of a physical attack by the perceived and unknown when is it permissible for the representatives of government to legislate spying on their fellow Americans? Well, precedence tells us any damn time it wishes.

We Americans have lost the meaningfulness of America. Over time, piece by piece, part by part, under the guise of fairness, social justice, the propensity for rose colored naiveté, the pretense of security, the skewed narrative that sanctioned drug interdiction, and a totalitarian’s all-time favorite: National Security, we Americans have permitted the federal government to diminish our liberties whilst debasing individual freedom.

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