Authored by William Robert Barber

I suppose the electorate’s attitudinized supposition is that after two-hundred and twenty-four years of countrywide multifarious elections, most of them beset with damning contentiousness, the idea that politicians who promise much but deliver nil has transcended from the exception into the normality of acceptance. The national print media in consort with a significant number of pundits have actually elevated and complimented this deceitful behavior as an admirable example of a political practitioner’s “État de la technique.”

Unfailingly, when in the throes of an election, politicians persuasively banter, “Give me your vote I am the better alternative,” while simultaneously, in a gist of couched metaphor (so to circumvent the explicit) they pledge (to the voter) pecuniary enrichment. This “enrichment” is usually transacted in the form of a tax exception, a government subsidy of sorted contextual specifically designed to right the perception of a moral wrong; there is a myriad of other such creative financial enabling that feed into voter enrichment — all under the ensign of whatever it takes to secure one’s vote.

I do believe that the president is a liberal progressive with focused socialistic intentions; further, as a true believer in such ideology Obama’s goal is the subjugation through political transformation and eventual replacement of the heretofore American tradition of governess with liberal progressive socialism. He and his politically far-left entourage armed with a distinctive Machiavellian gusto, the command of the bully-pulpit, coupled with a feverish élan are resolved to employ by all means be it extralegal or illegal to satisfy their political transformation goal. I.e., the preponderance of executive orders purposed to evade the Constitution process, as well as, to openly defy the House of Representatives. The EPA’s determined efforts to destroy the coal industry that provides 45% of the nation’s electricity in favor of a continuance of funding alternative energy investments are a classic exemplar of practicing stupid. And most distinguishing is the ideology of the president’s political agenda infecting the managerial prudence of the not only the EPA, but the IRS, DEA, CIA, FBI, FEC, notwithstanding the  preponderance of evidence that points to the corruptive behavior of Eric Holder’s Justice Department.    

Washington is captured by a Curium of political traditionalist who considers all opposition as the works of a usurper. It is as if the U. S. Congress was effectually governed by a league of Prefectures and senior chieftains who practice patrimony instead of the virtues of policies of prudence and good-sense. If one is to suggest the rescinding of a government agency that is nothing more than a duplication of effort the impossible raises its stubborn regard and the thought of rescinding is subjugated to committee. If the idea of cutting the cost of governing comes to a legislative vote then it is dismissed somewhere in the abyss of the process. To actually define and decipher the processes that truly govern Washington one must have the advantage of Bletchley Park.

Sadly, neither political party has the intestinal fortitude to speak of the truth nor neither has the reputation for the thoroughness and pragmatism necessary to even suggest the number of serious governance reforms required. There are few politicians that could reach the stature of statesman or stateswoman they are too committed to election or reelection to risk the truth of the matter.

The Balkanization of America is our factual day-to-political-day regimen; either we return to Constitution governess inclusive of checks and balance, federalism, and eliminate its mighty counter-forces or America is destined to embrace the ideals of liberal progressive socialism. This is the second civil war…

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