Authored by William Robert Barber

Be it foreign or domestic, President Obama’s concept of implementing progressive ideals and doctrine has utterly failed. This president’s administration has not enhanced America’s security but endangered it. The measure of his domestic economy sums as generally anemic with smatterings of counter-productive regulatory obsessiveness; the president is an answer looking for the right question.

This debacle in Syria is just one explicit example of the president’s coupling of ineptitude buoyed upon a substratum of ingenuous naiveté.  ObamaCare is, as with his foreign policies, loaded with dubious factoids. Is it not reasonable to question and doubt this man’s ability to lead? Soon this “leader of the free world” will implicitly oblige, convey, and subordinate American leadership to the whim of the United Nations, which effectually means to the influences of China and Russia.

His policy findings are founded on a souk of chimerical make-beliefs; his hortatory is addled and hesitant; he speaks of the Syrian threat to moral-compliance as if the subject was measured in a theorem but subject to some ill-defined relative comparative. He does not act as the Commander-in-Chief of the greatest military power on earth; he does not reflect the cognitive competency needed to risk (in Syria) American blood or treasure.

President Obama is a parody of the Wizard of Oz: All is well and swell. As long as the president’s task is to deliver pretty words of meaningless meaningfulness, smile, look presidential, and pretend. But once that surface is scratched and the underlying exposed, one finds scandals, promises broken or denied, topped with political shenanigans galore.

Of course the president is a lame exemplar of an American commander-in-chief and yes, his administration is weak in all the sectors that require strength; but it’s not just the president and his administration; it is the entire Democratic Party and the progressive leadership that admonishes the truth of the matter for the sake of positive political spin.

When Vladimir is the president’s saving grace, we should all acknowledge that America has been debased, abused, and denigrated.

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