Authored by William Robert Barber

Regardless of motivation (there are many), this nation has moved decisively and definitively away from the idea of a limited government to a government of unlimited dimension, authority, and command. This development is permanent; respective any conservative ideals to the contrary the federal government will never diminish in size, statutory authority, or power. Along with this government of obese dimension comes politically-enthused leadership dosed with a heavy reliance on public relations. Today, the nation has presidential leadership that looks and feels more like a calculator of political events. An orator that irrespective of diplomatic or policy debacles is wholly satisfied by his own hubris. The calculator Obama, instead of incurring the possible political risks of assuming command, delegates the indistinguishable bureaucracy to the front. The president is most comfortable voting present.

Despite threats to the contrary, Mr. “Red Line” President lacks the will to impose American power on evil doers. Consequently, enemies sense a mortally wounded America. Because the indistinguishable bureaucracy is not a persuasive forum, the American people perceive no value in expending blood and treasure in ill-defined political objectives that require military inducement for a chance at success. Although this reluctance to continue the expenditure of blood and treasure has happened many times since WWII: Eastern-Europe, China, Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Iraq, soon to be Afghanistan, and most recently Syria — never before has the dominance of America’s global power been in question. The reality is that before this president’s term ends, Iran will be an armed nuclear power.

Respective of the ultra-circumspective to point of stupefying quality of leaderless-Obama-leadership, America’s prevailingly latent issue is its refusal to accept its singular obligation: to insure global order. It is only American might that can right the wrongs of those that would perpetrate such wrongs; but we prefer to stick our head in the sand by delegating to the United Nations or simply ignoring the world’s truisms and its reality. Whether we like it or not, the moral authority to act falls upon America; we are the “world’s policemen.”  

Admittedly, power is coercion, a form of intimidating persuasion. All force once implemented must be overwhelming in martial properties and decisive in result. However, power and the authority to exercise coercive-persuasion require the moral sanction to act. That authority to act exists within the distinction of good and bad, right from wrong, moral, and immoral, and importantly, by quantifying what is just and noble.

Because President Obama is not a leader and because he thinks political implications before acting, he hesitates even to delegate his authority to the bureaucratic enigma of a discombobulating congress. The longitude and latitude of authority is dependent and will always require the virtues of just and noble. President Obama is a politician and politicians value political success over the virtues of just and noble. Therefore, our allies (less the French as I understand it) will not follow. His congressional democratic brethren would have voted No. Interestingly, a few Republicans voted their principles and ideals and noted a Yes vote.

Surely, few of you readers will think that America must assume the role of the world’s policemen and many think me narrowly fanatical in the inherent pessimism of my world view… but then, differings are critical to dialogue and such does enhance one’s intellectual stimuli.  


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