Authored by William Robert Barber

Whether searching, requesting, or compelled to contend — information inundates our sphere; few of us have the time or the energy to cognitively inhale the voluminous obtainable. This is particularly true of pending legislation, general political happenings, or the specifics of governmental activities. So we rely on media, pundits, newspaper reporters, bloggers, and our particular elected representatives to parse the fact from the near fact and outright fiction.

In essence, we invest our future into the belief that leadership is moral and most importantly correct in the assessment of the dynamics: Problem-solution.

Naturally, the enlightened (that is us) recognize that much of the differing perspectives are slanted and prejudiced by the conditioning and suppositions of one’s particular ideological formative. And considering we often, in the interest of psychological comfort and intellectual validation, seek the source of information that is bent to our interpretive-political sway; we enlighten, intentionally scan the counter to our political innate with a cursor that is mindfully designed to reinforce our original premise rather than crystallize a differing perspective.

 Nonetheless, we all recognize our true investment is in the intellectual prowess of our elected and their adherents to the covenants of governance within the constitution.

Aside from visioning the world through the restrictive prism of a personal perspective; we are quite pleased with the lucid judicious approach afforded by the deductive qualities of rational and reason. The problem is the world and its inhabitants are neither rational nor reasonable. Factually, the world and its behavior is much more dysfunctional than functional. Certainly politics and all that accompanies its being, including persons, particulars, and ideals, are founded on a basis of a tolerable amoral pedigree. So withstanding the rigorous indigestion and comprehension of the voluminous obtainable; no matter the degree of one’s intellectual astuteness, we are all blown by the wind of the political process. The a priori righteousness of the subject, the consequential result, as well as, the pragmatic rational and reasonable approach to a solution will always be discarded in favor of the prevailing perspective.

Knowing all described in the preceding paragraph is true and submitting to the understanding that the political process is overwhelming we citizens have chosen to abandon the participatory requirement of democracy in favor of an unabashed faith in our elected.

Today’s flavor of prevailing perspective has been around since the domestication of animals, and the harvesting of crops; those in power promise more than is deliverable. This embellishment of what is real and possible has been the mainstay utility of many a governing person. Nothing novel; what I do find profoundly extraordinary is that the bright and shiny object of promise still works. I am also surprised by the personas in leadership that successfully professes a continuum of undeliverable embellishments; these persons are not the model of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. These politicians are not leaders. These are pied pipers leading the foolish, the naïve, the commonly stupid, and the “what’s in it for me,” onward to the promised land of “milk and honey.”

The result of this pied piper’s allusion (the prevailing perspective) of the possible will inevitably be as it has always been a costly extravaganza of disillusionment.

Learn a reality lesson, create a synthetic of what was learned, fabricate a synthesis of the original lesson learned, pay the price of relearning the original lesson, and recreate this dynamic over and over again. A political history of humankind…

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