Authored by William Robert Barber

Some time ago, America was a society wherein freedom was of the highest virtue and individual liberty was valued as the moral priority; both virtue and value were considered an intrinsic quantifier of Americanism. It was a land of law, not of man; a country that refused to tender or abate its existential character of self-reliance… Or so tellers of America’s history disseminate.

Then the promisors with loquacious fancifulness spoke of milk and honey awaiting disbursement just over the next hill. These whimsically imaginative ones (liberal progressives) premised the novel ideal of socialistic-egalitarianism; they expressed the sensibility of a new economic system that produces a classless society. Where the rich redistribute their wealth uplifting the ever-present class of poor and disenfranchised into the one and only class of the common. They foretold of a new order of fairness inherent within an order of social justice, of moral equivalences, a society of equals where there are no losers. Policy experts within the government do all the heavy-thinking; every citizen will be safeguarded form harm. The government will parentally oversee all sectors of life and living. In this society of predestined socialistic egalitarianism every man, woman, and child will have a righteous stress-free life.

And just as Woodrow Wilson before,  Barrack Obama has as a matter of policy willfully used his political and apolitical power to aid and abet the transference of a government subordinate to the requirements of the nation’s constitution to one where the people are the property of the government. This transformation of a government by, for, and of the people to a government that is only beholding to its own governing interpretation of righteousness has eroded if not eradicated the traditional vestiges of individual liberty and freedom. The damage to the constitutional essence of America, its traditional being, is so prodigious one could surmise it is irrevocable.  

Like an insect stuck on flypaper politicians cannot act responsibly much less prudently. The hatred of one for the other is real and just as irrevocable as the federal government’s insistence on unlimited power and governing authority. The political process flows through a Byzantine network of automated at times contrary and self-determined bureaucracies, laws withstanding legislative intent is interposed, intersected, and interfered by regulators, politicians are geared to attain or retain power, and the people are prodded to vote for promises of more instead of sound governing policies.

This is as unsustainable as ObamaCare. The only question is, how long before government simply stops functioning in anyone’s interest? How much will it cost the ones who actually pay the majority of federal taxes? Over and over again the situational programming of incompetent governing has fueled the fire of revolt.

The grass is not greener. The progressives do not embellish, they are not boasting or exaggerating, they do more than distort: these liberal progressives lie. What they offer is subservience to the ideal of a secular godlike figure configured in the form of government.

There are no substitutes of or for hard work or market risk. The government is to be feared and never trusted; the governed should always look upon the government as a necessary evil and consider the constancy of askance as the only antidotal measure of any governing entity.

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