Authored by William Robert Barber


Despite the happenings of Iran’s military support in Syria and withstanding the Mullah’s engagement in world-wide terrorism, particularly, with its direct multi-variable involvement with Hezbollah; inclusive to the factual absolute of the Iranian government’s  continuum of deception regarding its enrichment process, noting the most recent denunciation of Israel by the Supreme Ali Khamenei, withstanding all such evidence to the contrary of fair dealings and good sense, the Obama administration believes the recent Geneva agreement with Iran is a positive.

Armed with rainbows and butterflies the Obama foreign policy has forged the silly onto the ridiculous over the last five years.  Articulating the meaningfulness of wishful as if it was the actual; thinking that the probable is highly likely, and trusting in the goodness of the Iranian government the president and his faithful secretary has acquiesced to the Iranian’s offer of hopeful possibilities. Pieces of the embargo lifted-billions of heretofore lockup dollars will flow to Iran-the right to enrich is now contractually bon fide-these are the results of the president’s negotiations? Instead of a fairly derived purposeful supportive negation of Iran’s ability to build a nuclear bomb via the give and take of negotiations, I think the result of this development is a lay-down concession to Iranian regional supremacy.

I ask myself is this negotiation simply a matter of naivety? Trusting the Iranians are like trusting a drug addict’s resolve to quit. Or is this the best President Obama can achieve considering he has no intent on increasing sanctions or mounting a military response. He has assumed that he is powerless to stop Iranian determination. Therefore, absent a strategy and in the name of befuddlement he’d rather tether Israel and Saudi Arabia into an acceptance of a nuclear armed Iran. I assume his next act would be to utilize his charming persuasion to convince U. S. allies that containment is a realist alternative to economic isolation and the threat of war. 



The distance from theory to application is more significant a distance then crossing the Pacific in a raft. When will these left-leaning theorists from academia and proponents of socialistic endeavors (otherwise known as the Democratic Party) ever understand that one size of just about anything will not fit all? Remembering, central planning was tried by Lenin, Mao, and Stalin-their collective concept failed ignominiously. Naturally, these ideologues are dosed with a surplus of hubris coupled with the fantastical of wish-it-was-so.  These progressives command governmental interjection into every aspect of the social/cultural order; in their words it is change you can believe on steroids.  Of course (as with congress’s exception on ACA/ObamaCare) they are damn sure to exclude themselves from the effects of their chaos. While professing policies to enrich the middleclass and uplift the poor, realistically, the realizations of their policies have just the opposite result.

The president is the perfect example of style over the substantive… a handsome dude spouting pretty words with heartfelt promises ending with a distinctive period. He is a theorist striving to implement rudiments from the Saul Lewinsky school of Rules for Radicals. Our president is a community organizer extraordinaire.



Frankly, as never before I am bafflingly disappointed by all those democratic progressives elected to high office. Wherein instead of calling for truthfulness from their leadership and the president’s administration they prefer to boldly insinuate that water is not wet and that elephants can fly. Yet, in the face of the obvious and with empirical evidence loudly glaring and pronouncing, with governing malfeasance, and fraudulent inducement drawn and colored in bright red. They still insist the president misspoke; he was not informed; he was unaware. They cling to the Susan Rice tale of Benghazi as the best information known at the time; reiterating the lie that initially Department of State and the CIA considered the attack a spontaneous uprising caused by a liturgically inappropriate video. These progressives lustfully propagate that the president knew nothing of the extralegal thoroughgoing of the IRS; that no one at justice knew the reality of Fast & Furious; that the degree of snooping and violations of common privacy by the NSA was as much a surprise to the president as it was to the populous.

Undeniably the president lied; water is wet and elephants don’t fly. Is it not true that the nation’s interest, honesty, and truthfulness supersede adherence to a political ideology and loyalty to a political party? Did they NOT ALL swear allegiance to the nation’s constitution?

The Affordable Care Act (no longer called ObamaCare) qualitatively quantitates as a colossal failure; the (in reality) income distribution scheme crayoned over as health care pulled a Humpty Dumpty and King Obama and all the king’s men will not be able to put the ruse back together again.

Presently, the president and his beleaguer confederates are moon dancing until they get their story together as to who was in the bank shooting the teller and who was outside in the getaway car. Of course what they actually need is a willing witness that puts them somewhere else other than Gotham during the robbery. But since none of that is forthcoming they call on Uncle Harry of the Senate to spume the media with the distraction of a Senatorial-majority-nuclear bomb and therefore forsaken filibusters forever. Naturally, this erasing of constitutional precedence could not have possibly happened without the prodding of the president; nevertheless, high-ranking senators cast their vote to squash the minority for the benefit of the majority-King Obama has subverted the constitution’s check and balance. The three branches of government are no longer equal. The executive has belittled the power of congress the progressives are on the march to the establishment of an all-powerful presidency.

Remembering: Politicians pledge and promise, they consider, reconsider, scheme, and devise while the bureaucracy of the federal government churns and grins. The government is genetically inclined to manufacture the process of processing. It matters not at all to government that the (ACA) is successful or not; the focus of government is to exist and expand and nothing more.

Within the nexus of progressive thought; irreconcilably opinions and ideals are ingrained and impenetrable. All evidence to the contrary is damned as heretical, and for the certainty of intellectual faithfulness contrariness is obfuscated, deleted, or misaligned.  I do believe that liberal progressives are Platonist in sentiment; wherein the ideas of Plato are idealized at the expense of the actual. For a believing progressive statism is an ideal worth whatever the means to attain the justifiable end. Hence the United States Constitution is more than just a hindrance; the constitution limits the power of the executive and levels the three branches of government as equal but separate. For progressives this is a serious impediment. For a progressive like President Obama democracy embedded within a republic is untenable and contrary to the ideal of statism. The president is as determined as salmon swimming up river to spawn; this progressive socialistically inclined “leader of the free world” is hell bent on change you can believe in.


Authored by William Robert Barber

Liberal-progressives propagate the maxim that government is justly purposed and intrinsically designed as the answer to all great societal questions. Political progressiveness professes the ideal that the government, “in the interest of the common good,” possesses the means, the wisdom, and the moral authority to organize, lead, and most importantly do all the thinking. The “prodigious anonymous” naïvely conceded to the proposition (by electing President Obama twice) with two stated caveats: That “as long as there’s no taxable cost and benefits are tangible… the progressives have my vote or my silence, whichever deemed appropriate.”  

The belief that government knows best, implores the expunging of Americanism; these progressives wish to vacate capitalism for socialism and (whatever remains thereof) our democratic republic for an autocracy of wonks. These Obama acolytes believe that government is the personification of verities exceptional. These unabashed extollers of a dominant central government consider such a government to be the arbitrator-perfect — the mother, the father, the secular beneficence of holiness.   

Then, along came ObamaCare and the great progressive agenda took measurable form. Every Democrat voted positive and every Republican voted negative. Three years in the making and hundreds of millions of dollars later the dire predictions of the Republicans proved true and what the Democrats forecasted proved false.

Our president proved to be a liar, a two-bit hustler, a man operating as if a community organizer, a charlatan, a perpetrator of fraudulent inducement, a man unworthy to lead the free world, a speechmaker and a political campaigner who has succumbed to Peter’s principle of demonstrable incompetence.

This president strived to enact (through controlling health care) the most massive redistribution of wealth ever conceived. Lenin would be proud of the intention; of course, considering the devastating result of the legislation, Lenin would have sent Obama to Siberia or worse. The president is the most incompetent of robber barons. Imagine having the influence and power afforded as President of The United States of America, and he had no idea of what happened in Benghazi, he read about the IRS debacle in the newspaper, Fast and Furious was a surprise to him, he thought the ObamaCare web site was ready for prime time, and any day now Guantanamo will be closed.

And we should trust this guy on Iran negotiations?!?


Authored by William Robert Barber

When the New York Times misnomers lying by President Obama as a misstatement, and when the elected, the appointed, and the cadre of progressive boosters of ObamaCare in 2009 marginalized the required comprehension of ObamaCare and its consequences, the dye was cast. The abrogation of good sense took form with effects to follow.

Nevertheless, as imprudent and injudicious the effect to follow will render to the people of this nation, the most egregious offense presently in bountiful utility is the Democratic Party’s present descending order of culpability. The charade of “who’s to blame” is television’s new game show. Starring President Obama’s continuum of purposeful misdirects, misinterprets, and misrepresentations regarding the promises made to the nation by his very self. This president, because of the scheming nature of his snake oil marketing to sell ObamaCare, has effectually untethered the ship of State, and set it adrift in a maelstrom of controversy.    

Vicissitudes abound; the administration’s heroic protagonist is caught and his acolytes strive to find an explanation, a story, something that will pass for why the president’s promise was not a promise, period. The president’s ideological commitment to egalitarianism has run his government amok; only his false front of hubris distinction remains. He has no cape, he now wishes he had a mask, and he cannot fly. The community organizer cannot speech his way out of this debacle. There is no Connie Rice to lie for him. This is a horror of his own production, he wrote it, directed it, and played the lead character, and the funding was procured by his progressive brethren who in unison with lots of hoopla hustled the taxpayers with a classic bait and switch.

The man is going down.