4 11 2013

Authored by William Robert Barber

When the New York Times misnomers lying by President Obama as a misstatement, and when the elected, the appointed, and the cadre of progressive boosters of ObamaCare in 2009 marginalized the required comprehension of ObamaCare and its consequences, the dye was cast. The abrogation of good sense took form with effects to follow.

Nevertheless, as imprudent and injudicious the effect to follow will render to the people of this nation, the most egregious offense presently in bountiful utility is the Democratic Party’s present descending order of culpability. The charade of “who’s to blame” is television’s new game show. Starring President Obama’s continuum of purposeful misdirects, misinterprets, and misrepresentations regarding the promises made to the nation by his very self. This president, because of the scheming nature of his snake oil marketing to sell ObamaCare, has effectually untethered the ship of State, and set it adrift in a maelstrom of controversy.    

Vicissitudes abound; the administration’s heroic protagonist is caught and his acolytes strive to find an explanation, a story, something that will pass for why the president’s promise was not a promise, period. The president’s ideological commitment to egalitarianism has run his government amok; only his false front of hubris distinction remains. He has no cape, he now wishes he had a mask, and he cannot fly. The community organizer cannot speech his way out of this debacle. There is no Connie Rice to lie for him. This is a horror of his own production, he wrote it, directed it, and played the lead character, and the funding was procured by his progressive brethren who in unison with lots of hoopla hustled the taxpayers with a classic bait and switch.

The man is going down.




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