16 11 2013

Authored by William Robert Barber

Liberal-progressives propagate the maxim that government is justly purposed and intrinsically designed as the answer to all great societal questions. Political progressiveness professes the ideal that the government, “in the interest of the common good,” possesses the means, the wisdom, and the moral authority to organize, lead, and most importantly do all the thinking. The “prodigious anonymous” naïvely conceded to the proposition (by electing President Obama twice) with two stated caveats: That “as long as there’s no taxable cost and benefits are tangible… the progressives have my vote or my silence, whichever deemed appropriate.”  

The belief that government knows best, implores the expunging of Americanism; these progressives wish to vacate capitalism for socialism and (whatever remains thereof) our democratic republic for an autocracy of wonks. These Obama acolytes believe that government is the personification of verities exceptional. These unabashed extollers of a dominant central government consider such a government to be the arbitrator-perfect — the mother, the father, the secular beneficence of holiness.   

Then, along came ObamaCare and the great progressive agenda took measurable form. Every Democrat voted positive and every Republican voted negative. Three years in the making and hundreds of millions of dollars later the dire predictions of the Republicans proved true and what the Democrats forecasted proved false.

Our president proved to be a liar, a two-bit hustler, a man operating as if a community organizer, a charlatan, a perpetrator of fraudulent inducement, a man unworthy to lead the free world, a speechmaker and a political campaigner who has succumbed to Peter’s principle of demonstrable incompetence.

This president strived to enact (through controlling health care) the most massive redistribution of wealth ever conceived. Lenin would be proud of the intention; of course, considering the devastating result of the legislation, Lenin would have sent Obama to Siberia or worse. The president is the most incompetent of robber barons. Imagine having the influence and power afforded as President of The United States of America, and he had no idea of what happened in Benghazi, he read about the IRS debacle in the newspaper, Fast and Furious was a surprise to him, he thought the ObamaCare web site was ready for prime time, and any day now Guantanamo will be closed.

And we should trust this guy on Iran negotiations?!?




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