24 11 2013


Frankly, as never before I am bafflingly disappointed by all those democratic progressives elected to high office. Wherein instead of calling for truthfulness from their leadership and the president’s administration they prefer to boldly insinuate that water is not wet and that elephants can fly. Yet, in the face of the obvious and with empirical evidence loudly glaring and pronouncing, with governing malfeasance, and fraudulent inducement drawn and colored in bright red. They still insist the president misspoke; he was not informed; he was unaware. They cling to the Susan Rice tale of Benghazi as the best information known at the time; reiterating the lie that initially Department of State and the CIA considered the attack a spontaneous uprising caused by a liturgically inappropriate video. These progressives lustfully propagate that the president knew nothing of the extralegal thoroughgoing of the IRS; that no one at justice knew the reality of Fast & Furious; that the degree of snooping and violations of common privacy by the NSA was as much a surprise to the president as it was to the populous.

Undeniably the president lied; water is wet and elephants don’t fly. Is it not true that the nation’s interest, honesty, and truthfulness supersede adherence to a political ideology and loyalty to a political party? Did they NOT ALL swear allegiance to the nation’s constitution?

The Affordable Care Act (no longer called ObamaCare) qualitatively quantitates as a colossal failure; the (in reality) income distribution scheme crayoned over as health care pulled a Humpty Dumpty and King Obama and all the king’s men will not be able to put the ruse back together again.

Presently, the president and his beleaguer confederates are moon dancing until they get their story together as to who was in the bank shooting the teller and who was outside in the getaway car. Of course what they actually need is a willing witness that puts them somewhere else other than Gotham during the robbery. But since none of that is forthcoming they call on Uncle Harry of the Senate to spume the media with the distraction of a Senatorial-majority-nuclear bomb and therefore forsaken filibusters forever. Naturally, this erasing of constitutional precedence could not have possibly happened without the prodding of the president; nevertheless, high-ranking senators cast their vote to squash the minority for the benefit of the majority-King Obama has subverted the constitution’s check and balance. The three branches of government are no longer equal. The executive has belittled the power of congress the progressives are on the march to the establishment of an all-powerful presidency.

Remembering: Politicians pledge and promise, they consider, reconsider, scheme, and devise while the bureaucracy of the federal government churns and grins. The government is genetically inclined to manufacture the process of processing. It matters not at all to government that the (ACA) is successful or not; the focus of government is to exist and expand and nothing more.

Within the nexus of progressive thought; irreconcilably opinions and ideals are ingrained and impenetrable. All evidence to the contrary is damned as heretical, and for the certainty of intellectual faithfulness contrariness is obfuscated, deleted, or misaligned.  I do believe that liberal progressives are Platonist in sentiment; wherein the ideas of Plato are idealized at the expense of the actual. For a believing progressive statism is an ideal worth whatever the means to attain the justifiable end. Hence the United States Constitution is more than just a hindrance; the constitution limits the power of the executive and levels the three branches of government as equal but separate. For progressives this is a serious impediment. For a progressive like President Obama democracy embedded within a republic is untenable and contrary to the ideal of statism. The president is as determined as salmon swimming up river to spawn; this progressive socialistically inclined “leader of the free world” is hell bent on change you can believe in.




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