29 11 2013

Authored by William Robert Barber


Despite the happenings of Iran’s military support in Syria and withstanding the Mullah’s engagement in world-wide terrorism, particularly, with its direct multi-variable involvement with Hezbollah; inclusive to the factual absolute of the Iranian government’s  continuum of deception regarding its enrichment process, noting the most recent denunciation of Israel by the Supreme Ali Khamenei, withstanding all such evidence to the contrary of fair dealings and good sense, the Obama administration believes the recent Geneva agreement with Iran is a positive.

Armed with rainbows and butterflies the Obama foreign policy has forged the silly onto the ridiculous over the last five years.  Articulating the meaningfulness of wishful as if it was the actual; thinking that the probable is highly likely, and trusting in the goodness of the Iranian government the president and his faithful secretary has acquiesced to the Iranian’s offer of hopeful possibilities. Pieces of the embargo lifted-billions of heretofore lockup dollars will flow to Iran-the right to enrich is now contractually bon fide-these are the results of the president’s negotiations? Instead of a fairly derived purposeful supportive negation of Iran’s ability to build a nuclear bomb via the give and take of negotiations, I think the result of this development is a lay-down concession to Iranian regional supremacy.

I ask myself is this negotiation simply a matter of naivety? Trusting the Iranians are like trusting a drug addict’s resolve to quit. Or is this the best President Obama can achieve considering he has no intent on increasing sanctions or mounting a military response. He has assumed that he is powerless to stop Iranian determination. Therefore, absent a strategy and in the name of befuddlement he’d rather tether Israel and Saudi Arabia into an acceptance of a nuclear armed Iran. I assume his next act would be to utilize his charming persuasion to convince U. S. allies that containment is a realist alternative to economic isolation and the threat of war. 



The distance from theory to application is more significant a distance then crossing the Pacific in a raft. When will these left-leaning theorists from academia and proponents of socialistic endeavors (otherwise known as the Democratic Party) ever understand that one size of just about anything will not fit all? Remembering, central planning was tried by Lenin, Mao, and Stalin-their collective concept failed ignominiously. Naturally, these ideologues are dosed with a surplus of hubris coupled with the fantastical of wish-it-was-so.  These progressives command governmental interjection into every aspect of the social/cultural order; in their words it is change you can believe on steroids.  Of course (as with congress’s exception on ACA/ObamaCare) they are damn sure to exclude themselves from the effects of their chaos. While professing policies to enrich the middleclass and uplift the poor, realistically, the realizations of their policies have just the opposite result.

The president is the perfect example of style over the substantive… a handsome dude spouting pretty words with heartfelt promises ending with a distinctive period. He is a theorist striving to implement rudiments from the Saul Lewinsky school of Rules for Radicals. Our president is a community organizer extraordinaire.




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