4 12 2013

Authored by William Robert Barber

The policy actions enacted by those of the progressive political persuasion since 2008 are a perfect example of C. S. Lewis’ (1948) “God in the Dock;” wherein he states that a tyranny, sincerely exercised for the good of its victims, may be the most oppressive.

It much easier for me to sensibly “pass through” the ill effects of the political, financial, economic, and social implications of the ObamaCare law by yielding to the president and his allies their ‘sincerity of the theoretical;’ in other words, they actually thought that legislatively creating an upheaval of the nation’s healthcare system was in the nation’s best interest. But then I think sincerity for these progressives was more a peripheral: their mainstay was to transform an ideological belief into law. Withstanding, or should I conclude, because of their zealous aspiration to legislate a law founded on a longstanding liberal-progressive theoretical ideal (affordable healthcare for all), the administration focused on ‘securing the votes’ by whatever means available. In doing so, the president and his Democratic cohorts initiated three gargantuan mistakes: the first, passing the Affordable Care Act without Republican support; the second, creating a monstrosity of a law that no one understood nor could interpret into function; and thirdly, allowing the unfiltered, live, and unedited dissemination of governmental incompetence a forum for national exhibition.  

The president, a man revered as a highly intelligent politician, an achiever extraordinaire, a man of respect and uncanny political insight — this is the very man that knowingly lied to the American people in order to achieve his healthcare legislation. He purposefully spouted an array of falsities, all designed specifically to fraudulently induce his fellow democrats and the American people to endorse ObamaCare.  

Well, that’s old news… but coming into form are the results of the Affordable Care Act’s enactment. With the law’s gradual implementation, the theoretical is briskly moving into the actual. Consequently, the fog of the theoretical is advancing into the visually penetrable and the heretofore indistinguishable is taking form. It is now understood that the real intent of President Obama and his liberal-progressives was not to simply upend the present of healthcare in America but to utilize the law as cutlery for the redistribution of wealth as well as a means to enhance the power of the federal government.

Since 1913 proponents of utilizing taxation as a means to achieve an ideological end have strived to embed principles of justification for steadfastly taking (via taxation) more and even more of an individual’s earned income. The growing encroachment of government power coincided with the largeness of government and the increased percentage of variable government imposed taxes and fees. The liberal progressives consider taxation as a means of alleviating any and all social or economic evils; the president is the 100 year reincarnation of President Wilson. He is the lead dog in this socialistic endeavor. Wealth redistribution via the utilization of aggressive taxation coupled with excessive though (at the president’s behest) discretionary regulatory interpretation of statutory laws are the means employed to optimize a political ideological end.

For the president thus far lies, distortion of facts, exaggerations of impediments, and the overt displacement of reality has won him two elections… of course there is the challenge of the 2014 midterms.   




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