Authored by William Robert Barber

The straight line of reason is the most efficient means to traverse through the chaos! Or maybe not!?

The traffic of politically incompatible ideas will never be managed — much less converted — by the persuasion of the counter-party. That is not to suggest one should abate one’s sense of ideological righteousness or retrograde to the expedient acceptance of wholesale compromise. The issues that divide one political belief from another are meaningful and therefore well-worth fighting for.

Nevertheless, speaking for the conservative cause, an accurate analysis of reality must antecede the advance of any plan designed to achieve one’s ultimate political goal. This is where the “TEA” party elected representatives’ strategy of self-defeating frontal attack serves only to enhance the Democrats’ wholly erroneous charge of “too radical” to govern. 

Presently, government is divided. In order to stymie the president’s progressive agenda the republicans must earn a majority in the Senate and hold voting control on the House. Divisiveness is the constant of differing political ideology; respective of which party represents the majority there will always be divisiveness.  If conservative values are to be implemented, the Republican Party must at a minimum attain a majority vote in congress and at a maximum win the presidency. Such an election victory is highly improbable unless the republicans unite as one voice.

The conservatives will never convert a liberal progressive to adopt conservative principles. Instead, via the rule of law, republican leadership must compel and mandate policies that are innately conservative and distinctively constitutional. This is an achievement permissioned only by decisively winning a national election. A Republican Party arguing over the tactics but agreeing in the principle will only serve to elect a progressive. Remembering that elections are held every two and four years, this is the time for political parties to express their opinions, engage in the counter argument of how they would do it, and answer the questions of various what-ifs.  

Persuasion is the means and consensus the goal. For conservatives to win (a national election), office-seekers must encourage and interest the indifferent and disinterested. The independent-minded and female voter specifically, the young, the disadvantaged, and the minorities within our society require attention as well as personal consultation. It is these constituents (at least 33%) that must embrace the possibility of voting for a conservative government.

Righteousness is a valorous trait. But in itself, without a majority of votes in congress and with Obama as chief executive, righteousness is an ill-afforded vanity. The idea of not being conservative enough is a schism the liberal progress can heartily endorse.

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