Authored by William Robert Barber

How could Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton, David Petraeus, and numerous high-ranking general officers keep their professional influence quiet and mouths shut while lies, created by the Obama administration regarding the terrorist attack on Benghazi, were substituted for the truth? The CIA knew that Ambassador Rice’s statement on Sunday’s news shows was deceitful and dishonest; nevertheless, the Director said nothing to contradict those statements. Imagine the chutzpah required (by President Obama and Secretary Clinton) to ceremoniously, with the backdrop of red, white, and blue ensigns, uniformed military, flag draped coffins, and television cameras capturing pictographic images of the leader of the free world affectionately consoling the families of the fallen while perpetuating the telling and retelling of a story founded on falsehood and deceit.

Obviously, the president’s electability was the issue of concern; those in power and in the “know” set aside the truth for Obama’s political gain. Where was our truth-seeking “free press?” The press was and for the most part still is “in the tank” for the president and his liberal progressives. The election challenger (Romney) was numbed and defanged into silence by his pretense of political sophistication. Sadly, the Republican Party was, once again, outmaneuvered by the Democratic Party’s nonsensical-investigative-ballyhoo (in other words a cover-up).  Instead of calling on the press to get the generals to speak, instead of demanding a timeline report, instead of labeling the President, Secretary of State, and UN Ambassador  deceitful liars, instead of declaring the political staff of Obama’s administration: What they truly were, ‘novelist-extraordinaire.’ Fear of a liberal media’s response stifled their voice and muted the truth of the matter.

Yes, Benghazi was much more than a security default; shamefully good persons, in a perverse interpretive of the “greater good,” allowed their ideological beliefs and political faithfulness to delete their sacred obligation to tell the truth.  

Truth telling in politics and governing is a scarce commodity. The elixir of power has intoxicated the sobriety of our elected representatives; the elixir has addictive qualities. The addiction to power, instead of rendering service to country, has influenced the well-intended to embrace pretentious inclinations of service. Thousands of loyal affiliates depend on politically induced gratuities bequeathed to their person because of their champion’s electoral success. This phenomenon is historic, reoccurring, and predominates in some fashion or degree every governing administration. Often this particular phenomenon defined as I call it, “statutorily compliant corruption,” is a political requirement of advancement.

America must cure its self of this particular corruptive virus… one must find the means to cut the head off of the multi-headed dragon. Surely, when elephants sprout wings…

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