Authored by William Robert Barber

The contention between the political ideology of the progressives and that of the conservatives weather down into one fundamental disparity: What is the appropriate size and power of government? The one advocates whatever it takes in size and power to provide a societal haven of surety while the other defines the role of government as limited in power wherein the ultimate priority is individual liberty.

This contesting of ideological differing(s) will never be settled because the truth of the matter is on an everlasting hiatus. Respective of this ideological divide that with variant degrees of intensity has always been a political fact. Americans have always believed we were in principal a democracy incorporated with a republic. I for one no longer hold that belief.

Americans more than any others lionize democracy and a government founded on the principals of a constitutional republic; but I fear such a belief is delusional, forthrightly untrue and a glaringly deceitful misrepresentative of reality.  In fact we are a nation governed by men and not laws and President Obama is leading that parade. The president’s executive branch, the congress, the federal judicial system, the non-elected supporting staff, the federal bureaucracy, and the apathetic, disinterested citizens who refuse to participate in the process of democracy; have forsaken the republic for the allegorical gifts of equalitarian happiness, beer, and bread.

For more than two centuries we Americans have been known for our utilitarian approach to problem solving. At one time we Americans considered, deduced, and acted; no longer, today, the risk of failure has captured our will. Instead of leading from the front we seek precedence for comfort; we insist on committee engagement so to spread the blame if anything goes wrong. We are dictated to affirm attorney’s opinions and always hesitate respective of the obvious need to act. We are so afraid of bold decisive leadership that the political/military class enacts sources and methods to mitigate even denigrate such behavior. As a result we have no political or military leaders; we are a nation state run by the second and third best of talent. These high ranking pseudo-leaders of today swear an allegiance to the constitution with one hand behind their back and their fingers crossed.  

America has always had the scourge of corruption a multi-infections virus that includes all forms of dishonesty, sleaze, and fraud. But nothing has been so perverse and harmful to the integrity of the constitutional republic than: Statutorily compliant corruption. This particular type of corruption is pervasive and evasive.  It is practiced by our officers of the court. The smartest and the brightest are the practitioners. These are the nation’s attorneys and they are destroying the very values and traditional character of this country.

When one combines the ambiguous convolutions the congress legislates and calls laws of the land with the insanely baffling process one could describe as governing, it is no wonder the unethical and profoundly corrupt continue to be reelected. Imagine the electorate reelects the same officials the very ones that cannot solve the nation’s problems such as managing the debt, revitalize the tax codes, and govern within the confines of the constitution.

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