Authored by William Robert Barber

President Obama can rhetorically dance around the questions posed by Bill O’Reilly without ever answering them; his cohorts can belie the truth with innuendos and misdirection; but neither the president nor his cohorts can take the round of the truth and fit it into the square of ‘believability’.

ObamaCare is a not only a financial disaster; the worst of it is that the law will function as designed. No rhetorical dance nor amount of misdirection expended by the leftist political class will make the wet rain dry. Even if one describes the transference of capital as an “investment”, the government’s policy of the non-recourse subsidizing (aka giving away taxpayer monies) to those that do not work from monies earned from those that do is neither prudent nor sustainable.  

The president and his Democrats whine, whimper, and wail away at how unfairly the American society operates; the complaint is that the average Joe does not compete in an equal playing field. That the downtrodden and disenfranchised are substantively discriminated upon because they lack the means to attain the tools required for financial surety. I am flabbergasted by the notion that anyone operates in or on an equal playing field. Isn’t the objective of business to one-up one’s competitor? Isn’t it a fact and true that a company that can financially sustain a lawsuit is in a much stronger position to win than the counter-party that cannot financially sustain the cost of litigation? What do any of the preceding examples have to do with fairness? Nothing!  

Not only is life unfair; it is genetically, environmentally, and genuinely created as such. The concept of ‘fair’ is a feature of a game — but then, life is not a game: Life is a struggle. Fair does not mean justice nor is justice necessarily fair. What President Obama desires is to impose his brand or interpretation of ‘fair’ by mandating his definition of social justice. The president is determined — and will institute by all means within his ability — to enact the transformation of American values.

Inclusive of means covertly extralegal or overtly illegal, they promise, cajole, and lie; for liberal progressives the process is of insignificant concern. With one hand in the cookie jar, these socialists and progressives develop eye-catching spectacular mirages; they espouse the ideology of Lenin while excluding (as with ObamaCare) themselves from the Leninist result of equalitarianism.

With angst and troubling apprehension I look forward to the next election…

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