Authored by William Robert Barber

Is it reasonable to define President Obama and his progressive cohorts as childishly inclined? Their actions example a world of make-believe, of hopes and dreams, butterflies and rainbows. How could this government with all of its departmental resources and brainy Ivy League benefactors act so incredibly naïve?

For example: Is it reasonable to believe that the Muslims of Near-Eastern geography would convert their historically founded hatred of Jews to one of tolerance? Or that these very Muslims would accept the Judeo-Christians belief in the value of the individual, the application of democratic governing principles, much less, the statutory requirement of equality under the law respective of gender? Of course there are exceptions to every rule and judgment; but these western values are impositions incompatible to not just their culture heritage but their theological beliefs.  

The basis of Present Obama’s “reset policy” for Putin’s Russia was obviously foolish, irrational, and dumb. Secretary Clinton’s insane interpretation of Libyan governing stability which led to a false sense of security, the terrorist attack, and the subsequent childish bungling cover-up over the Benghazi Affair should set the standard for foreign policy silliness. Of course such shenanigans did not educate Secretary Kerry as to Russia’s baneful intentions. His ridiculous submission to Putin’s checkmate over chemical weapons was a ringmaster’s taming of the lions. Imagine the President and Secretary endorsing a policy that not only did not rid Assad of his chemical capability but stymied President Obama from an attempt to dethroning Assad. Instead of bombing Assad’s military in an effort to admonish those that dared to use chemical weapons on civilians, the United States enabled Assad’s position domestically and elevated Russia as the power broker extraordinaire.

Considering the status of the Syrian civil war and the conflict with the Palestinian and Jewish state, one must assume Mr. Kerry believes that respective of Iran’s arming and funding of forces counter to American interests, that despite the actions taken virtually all over the world to kill Jewish citizens and Americans in Iraqi, that peace is achievable if only the Israelis will submit to his agenda. How absolutely absurd, silly, and naïve; factually, between President Obama’s failure to punish Syria for using chemical weapons and Secretary Kerry’s  ‘give-in’ negotiations over Iran’s nuclear weaponry I am surprised that Russia has not advised Iran to provoke American naval forces just to see how far we will not go as to a response.

One might find cause to supplement naïve and childish with silly, dumbfounding, counter-intuitive and in its finality conclusively incompetent.  

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