Authored by William Robert Barber

The a priori thesis of liberal progressivism is founded in the supposition of cognitive superiority as well as the inferential inductive that the average citizen is average in every measure. This is the basis of the progressive ideology and therefore follows that progressivism concludes that the power of governance should reside within the providence of persons of cognitive superiority. The stumbling block to this progressive supposition is the U.S. Constitution — and that is why distorting the meaningfulness of the constitution is so critical to the FDR and Obama-like ideologues.

Those of us who are not Ivy League graduates therefore (according to those who know just about everything) should have enough intelligence to submit to the obvious: We of common public school education lack either the brains or the wherewithal to do our own thinking. In sum, progressives as a natural bequeath of their profound enlightenments are intrinsically gifted with a sense of savoir faire, as such, they are provoked by a sense of altruistic noblesse oblige and therefore in service to those of common intelligence must insist on doing all the thinking.  

Progressives righteously ascertain that the common are cerebrally inept as well as stubbornly weak-minded, thus the need for protection from the unscrupulous Republicans and Libertarians that would advantage their vote or simpatico. After all, liberals understand that the common are easily swayed by ad hoc demagoguery and anecdotal myths of rugged individualism. Liberal progressives profess that society, family, and person would definitely be better served if thinking, decision making, and empirical deductions were bestowed upon those intellectually endowed to decipher for others fact from fiction, right from wrong, and justice from injustice.

A government of progressive ideals is one wherein the virtuous arbitrator (government) taxes with the one hand and distributes with the other. Of course the government is also the licensor of all products and services offered for sale and then taxed again when sold. Such products include liquor, cigarettes, drugs of every description, banking, securities, gambling, legal prostitution, all food, water, utilities, gasoline, well hell, the government — be it State or Federal — licenses the distribution of just about everything. Wait a minute, hold on… is this not the government of the present?

The imposition of government largeness upon the nation’s tax revenue is weighed and measured best by calculating the ever growing cost of governance. The size and complexity of processing the imposed largeness guarantees a continuum of an ever growing government. Such a system requires a bureaucracy of technocrats symbiotically supported by a willing-to-spend congress. Withstanding the progressives’ resistance to the truth, the federal government is the metaphorically revived “Gordian Knot” and as with Alexander the Great’s solution to its entanglement, it must be vigorously slashed and cleaved.

Now if all that an Obama government imposed was a progressive ideology, disproportionately biased taxation, and an excessively regulated business environment, one could find remedy in the next election. But oh no, the imposition of having Mr. Obama as president extends much further: the president’s habitual nativity, wishful ignorance, isolationist policies, unworldliness, coupled with a compulsive tendency to deceive, lie, and misdirect are clinical examples of dysfunctional behavior.  My overriding issue of concern is the president’s statutorily compliant debauchery of corruption and the resulting slide into a nation of men, not laws.

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