10 03 2014

Authored by William Robert Barber

Rome’s afire and the media is concerned about the righteous aggravation of Elijah Commings over the actions of Darrell Issa. Really, is this the concern of Democrats and the media? It’s just the type of political nonsense that the media seizes upon and the contenders for votes, like school children, decide to waste time, breath, and taxpayer funds over.

Here are the concerns that should take precedence of the Commings/Issa schoolyard tiff: The president is acting more like Nero than Washington. The Russians unrestrained have annexed the Crimea. The Democrats are striving to increase the already agreed upon congressional budget by 56 billion. The national debt is unsustainable. Interest rates and inflation are a looming issue. Unemployment is still too high. The economy is anemic. As to ObamaCare, the Democrats are looking as if they would like to forego implementation until after 2016…  And the media is interested in the wrong headiness of Darrell Issa.

Contention is an action word that implies debate or even argument; the presumption is that the disagreement that prompts contention is at a minimum valid on its merits. At least that is the inference of the reasonable and rational ones when weighing the effectual disposition of a dispute. But in the suspended from sense (common or otherwise) world of politics one plus one could sum three, four, or even zero; in politics, the admittance of logic is always a haphazard occurrence. Thus ObamaCare is deferred instead of annulled; the president armed with “pen and phone” implies authority he does not possess and the media, as if advertising for a reality show, hype the frustrations of two congressmen.

As to Crimea, no one has the answer to the Russians’ annexation of Crimea; there’s talk of sanctions, cutting off Putin’s ring of influence, Secretary Kerry is shocked that draconian tactics exist, and the president feels that given enough time, he can charm Putin into giving up what he has so blatantly taken.

I suggest, craft a Disruption of Business insurance policy that all American vested companies operating in Russian must purchase. Initially, notify all Americans to leave Russia immediately; disallow all future capital investments in Russia and physically restrict any other country of investing by threatening disbarment of investment in the United States.

Here’s what America needs to do: Affirm a military alliance with the new Ukrainian government that includes a guarantee of territorial sovereignty as of the date the old government fled the country. Move the U.S. Army out of Germany and move in a fleet of heavy bombers and fighters located in multiple stations. Move the Mediterranean Fleet into the Black Sea to block the Russian fleet; this would include aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. Send the 2nd Marine Division in the Ukraine to train with their army. Deliver a three day ultimatum: Withdraw or suffer the consequences…  

Since General Eisenhower naively decided to allow the Russians to take Berlin we have committed one stupid after another. Like parents who teach their children to live in a world they wish it was instead of as it truly is, America has been spilling the blood of its young and exhausting its treasury chasing what does not exist. The candidate for president, Eisenhower, pledged to end the war in Korea, he did not pledge victory; so now the world must endure the ramifications of a nuclear armed gangster nation.

President Kennedy cowered and allowed Castro’s Cuba to exist and that benign behavior was attested by our enemies as weakness. Instead of bombing the port of Haiphong and landing troops in North Vietnam we consoled our timid self, abandoned our indigenous allies, and ran home leaving almost sixty thousand dead for our efforts.

We have abandoned Iraq and are proceeding to do the same in Afghanistan… and we wonder why Putin has decided to annex whatever he wants?

Will this nation ever learn the lessons of the real world???




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