16 03 2014

Authored by William Robert Barber

I understand that ‘never’ is synonymous with ‘forever’; that the colloquial expression “it’ll never happen” sounds like a convincing absolute. I also recognize that there are exceptions to every rule; nevertheless, I believe one could securely augur that the phrase “it’ll never happen” unequivocally applies to world peace. Peace on earth is a mythologizing ruse, a perfect use for the word “never.” There was no peace in the past, certainly not in the present, and I predict that the forthcoming will accord the same consequence.

Interestingly, peace is often used as the reasoning for war; a hypocritical battle cry created to motivate the dim-witted, the patriotic, and the well-meaning to commit acts of baneful disregard. The reality of human behavior presents conflict as a useful means to an end; such is the unapologetic ‘always’ of human behavior. Peace, when contrasted as the opposite of war, is a human impossibility.

Carl von Clausewitz’s magnum opus stated: “Peace is the continuation of struggle only by other means.”

So if peace is an unrealistic prospective it therefore follows that conflict is the temperament of constancy of the realpolitik. If my presumption (that peace is impossible) is true then there is only one question of importance: Is America to assume the position as the most powerful nation on earth or not?

This question harbors the single measurable foreign policy distinction between President Obama, his theoretically inclined progressive brethren, and those of the conservative persuasion. The president espouses America as a nation amongst equals; dissimilarly, conservatives advocate an America that is predominate in relevance amongst all other nations. Conservative believers content that there is no such status as equal; in addition, conservatives realize that second place has no standing whatsoever.

There is a belief of the majority that America cannot nor morally should be the world’s policeman. I vehemently disagree: America is the not only the world’s policeman, but also enforcer, arbitrator, financier, insurer, guarantor, and the single greatest military force the world has ever known. So I ask, since equal is an unmistakable canard. By default America must assume the role of predominance?

I do understand the hesitation in recognizing the obvious; but factually, America has been the world’s policeman since 1945. Regretfully, this role has been implemented by pseudo-leaders and their willing stooges. Because of the nonsensical influence of politics, since Eisenhower straight through to President Obama there has been nothing but the most egregious defilements of good sense posing as strategy. By permitting the Russians to occupy Eastern Europe, not fighting for victory in Korea, the Bay of Pigs, President Kennedy’s solution of the Cuban Crisis, the ridiculous strategy in Vietnam, the stupidity of acting on Iraq before negating Iran, the nation-building agenda of Afghanistan coupled with the president’s telegraphing to friend and foe alike his unwillingness to actually finish the mission, these are just some of the thoughtless injudicious incidents of ineffectual bubbling. The cost of ineffectual bubbling is a levy in blood as well as treasure. The waste of American forces of arms due to pseudo-leadership is and was appallingly unwarranted.

Withstanding, we are the world’s policeman. But as long as politicians and their lapdogs commit the nation to one imprudent decision after another, generals and admirals prefer career surety over the truth, congressional representatives’ essential priority is reelection, this nation will ineffectively police the world with both hands tied and one eye covered.




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