24 03 2014

Authored by William Robert Barber

As to Putin’s annexation of the Crimea, President Obama and his French-speaking Secretary of State are not particularly concerned. Being the fine point sophisticates of diplomatic niceties they know full-well that Putin is acting in an extralegal manner.  After all, this idea of war as a means to achieve a political or economic end was banished by the U.S. Senate a very long time ago; they cite: The 1928 Kellogg–Briand Pact (or Pact of Paris,) officially noted as the General Treaty for Renunciation of War in which signatory states promised not to use war to resolve “disputes or conflicts of whatever nature or of whatever origin”. It was signed by Germany, France, and the United States and by most other nations, including the Soviet Union soon thereafter.

Additionally, Secretary Kerry did inform Mr. Putin that in the modern world nation states no longer assault other nations. Assuredly, Kerry emphasized, as a matter of international ethics and temperament, the use of military force to achieve a political end is simply not done.

President Obama and Secretary Kerry knowingly, thus courageously, accept the fact that some boneheaded redneck conservatives may think their total lack of disconcerts over Crimea is in fact a sunny winsome ineffectual policy. The president is a solipsist who earnestly accepts that he is the illuminati extraordinaire; he cognizes the differing between a fact and the popular acceptance as truth and never permits the facts to get in the way of his declarative of truth.

The president foresees that ObamaCare, the Dodd-Frank legislation, his blatant disregard of congressional oversight, his arbitrary enforcing of laws, his insistence on declaring to the American people that the IRS is free of even a “smidgen of corruption”, his policies and insightfulness will ultimately not only be considered effectual but lauded as genius.  

Or! He is the true exemplar of pompous conceit. Possibly one could surmise that he thinks of himself as did an infamous French king who stated: “L’état c’est moi” and that belief is the basis of his actions?

Certainly after 5-years in office one could find reasons to judge his administration as determined practitioners of Obscurantism. No better example is Attorney General Holder’s Department of Justice. The (AG) is deliberately preventing the facts and detailed specific of events under scrutiny by congressional committees from full disclosure.    

The Obama administration typifies the ongoing-never-ending conflict between the heuristic versus the top-down approach to governing. The top-down acolytes are theorists and master planners who refuse to accept that planning is inherently biased. They (the Obama progressives) contend that perfection is attainable through the rule of experts. Consequentially, quixotic economic theories are favored, investments in green energy is — respective of outcome or output — the rule. The goal of this presidency is the imposition of an egalitarian state of discretionary moral absolutes. A state wherein the rich would part with more of their money and wealth distribution could solve poverty, racism, and unfairness. And if you believe that nonsense then vote for Obama — wait a minute… that election took place twice… hmm…




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