31 03 2014

Authored by William Robert Barber

I am fascinated by the idea that a fact is not necessarily the truth. My son recently pointed this out to me crediting the “idea” to the novelist Samuel Delany.  I was initially befuddle by what I had heretofore believed was synonymous (fact & truth) patiently he extended an explanation. “A fact is established when the deductive process results in an empirical computation; wherein, the truth is measured by the prevailing regard of the fact. In other words,” my son went on, “there are laws of the land, but the truth resides not in the fact of the law but in its actual obedience or enforcement.” I understood this explanation to mean that discretion is a constant arbitrary when bridging the distance from the fact of the matter to the truth of the matter.

I consider this “idea” concurrent with my belief that prompted by the conditioning of deductive thinking one logically embraces reasoning and rational as integral to understanding. But within the panorama of my experiences with multi-variant business; my observation of economic -policies, strategic-political transactions, and conflicting socio-religious issues, I am confronted with numerous instances of definitive determinations whose basis is irrational and unreasonable.

I therefore conclude that where one begins or starts withstanding ones single-minded declaration of intent often has little to do with where one ends; for example, WWI was “the war to end all wars.” We all acknowledge that declaration of intent was farcical; obviously, the premise was not rational or reasonable. As with the concept of income equality and social justice at the sacrifice of personal liberty, “the war to end all wars,” is nothing less than theoretical nonsense proffered by contrarians, nihilist, academics positioned on the wayside of reality, progressives with a political objective, enemies of individualism and proponents of collectivism.

Somewhere between the fact and the truth the dynamic of machinations intersects and the virtues of prudence, diligence, and good senses are abated or discarded as if vestiges of an archaic sagacity. Effectively equated as remnants of an antiquated philosophy the once accepted as fact is reconfigured and resubmitted. Supported by the theoretical ideology of progressivism, President Obama’s rhetoric, and the public’s gullibility what inevitably follows is the institutionalized acceptance of procedural naiveté wherein the fact is subverted and the truth is corrupted.

Leftist cannot govern because they reside in the wish-it-was-so; leftist can only create theoretical possibilities that flounder upon implementation. Look no further than ObamaCare or the Dodd Frank legislation. Withstanding that fact the truth of the matter there are increasingly more voters receiving taxpayer funds instead of delivering taxable income. They vote to receive from the government and any politician that promises to give them more receives their vote. Of course this cannot last but then that’s what I thought about Obama. 




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