21 04 2014

Authored by William Robert Barber

We Americans consider representative government preferable to the antithesis; in fact, (smugly) we think of our constitutionally derived government as a desirable exception. We tout and exemplify, in a definitive sense of righteousness, our “Bill of Rights,” our system of check and balance, the meaningfulness of constitutional federalism,  and the phrase from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, “of the people, by the people, and for the people” as the essence of America’s government. Often we contrast and distinguish our government comparing ours with a government of contrary intent and totalitarian countenance. The result bellows our lungs; we are proud.

And then… once into the weeds of actuality we find that irrespective of statutory definitive(s) the applications of constitutional ideals butt head-first upon the reality of political governing. Rhetorically enriched ringmasters with political ambitions pose as statesmen, the presumptive providence of judicial wherewithal re-defines original intent and the people, unconcerned with the consequence, value “what’s in it for me” as the prerequisite to earning their vote. Almost from the very beginning of the republic distortions were formed, ideals altered, and original intent interwoven into the lattice of legalese ambiguity-the republic started to wander away from the adherents of constitutional merits in proportion to the implementation of ideals.

What eventually took the place of the republic as designed in 1789 was a superfluity of government agencies, departments; associations, committees, and tax supported non governmental entities co-mingled with and into codes, rules, obligatory guidance, and statutory laws. In the interest of sustaining the viability of growth (a paramount concern of this type of government) this tonnage of bureaucratic infrastructure created a governing system that required evermore legislation, which initiates even more government.  Along the way, a process was defined; this process (known explicitly by the governing few) of moving the Alfa subject through to the Zulu concluding was purposely designed to be a muddling bewilderment.

We Americans now have a tax-sustaining government propelled by a bureaucratic inertia; a government that no one, from an operational perspective, truly understands; we Americans have created a governing process that drives its will through a bureaucratic morass void of original premise or present viability. Individual liberty and freedom are now subordinate to the will of federal judges and governments, all governments, city, county, or State inclusive with the federal are behemoth with power. The republic has been lost to a relatively new theoretical endeavor; one flush with promises of surety for peace of mind, body, and spirit.

Similar to evangelist proselytizing to the populous they demand concurrence to a doctrine of faith. One must have the faith that the proselytizer knows best and that, in the case of evangelistic progressivism, the elitist who have graduated with an Ivy League education will lead those who know less to the promised land of milk and honey or was that bread, beer, and games.

Naturally,  individual liberty, and freedom is the fare of exchange…



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