Authored by William Robert Barber

To paraphrase the words of others “if one wants peace prepare for war,” politics is “war by other means,” and “you’ll always have that ten percent.” There are two main threats to one’s peaceful existence: The discretionary actions of nature and the violent, irrational, and chronic unreasonableness of humankind.

The assumption is that what can be done to mitigate the blatant, quantifiably harmful actions of nature is and will continue to be done. The behavioral dysfunctions of humankind are defined by the societal establishment of good and accepted behavior; such a definition however is subjective and often relative to differing perspectives.  The people of Russia for instance are responding positively to Putin’s taking of the Crimea — while Kiev and the West view the action not only as an act of illegal aggression but fear that Putin will slice-off an annex Eastern Ukraine.

The leaders Putin and Obama have conversed; they have deployed and instructed their diplomatic corps, other world leaders have added their two cents worth of advice. But as worldwide onlookers can palpably evidence treaty violations, the invoking of moral sanctity, multiple threats of economic boycotts and sanctions will not deter Putin from his purpose.  

Contention is a mainstay of human behavior. Contention provokes varied efforts to persuade; ostensibly, the objective of persuasion is to achieve consensus. The problem is that persuasion is not limited to the artfulness of what is considered rational and reasonable; persuasiveness does have a violent alternative. As historically expressed (for thousands of years) this perchance for violent expression is behaviorally pervasive; its effect is emotionally apathetic and demonstratively destructive. Nevertheless, as witnessed by the events of today’s crises of conflict this alternative tactic of persuasion remains steadfastly unavoidable. 

The administration of President Obama however is determined to establish an America of equivalence not an America of all-powerful. He is an ardent disciple of the progressive doctrinaire. He is a dangerous amoral politician. To enable policies and elections he lies and deceives. He is not bound by either promises or the constitution. He is self-vested with the righteousness of not only knowing what is best for America but he is (within his own mind) providence reckoned (elected by the people for two terms of office) and therefore specifically obligated to force his willful-omnipotent understanding of what’s best upon the nation.  

Domestically, taxes and fees along with unemployment are higher; the nation’s debt is persistent, the regulatory engine is lustful, the growth of government flourishes, and irrespective of a Republican victory in November the damage to this nation by Obama policies is very real.

Internationally, this nation’s prestige as a world power and leader has been undercut by the silliness of the president’s world-view and the insistence of his progressive brethren of implementing progressive ideals of round into a square reality.

Will conservative principles prevail in November? If not…

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