Authored by William Robert Barber

Tempered by the tether to mortal reliance, the actuality of societal dysfunction, and the continuum of political malfeasance, the intent, spirit, and anticipatory adherence to the founding documents have been fragmented into a variant of interpretations and asymmetrical regulatory bias.  

The ideals expressed and implied within this nation’s constitution have been ignored, wantonly reinterpreted, or wrongfully implemented. For example, the constitutional tenet establishing three branches of government convened under a system of check balance has been decimated. The principles of federalism have been abused, corrupted, and duplicitously misdirected. Federalism as implemented within the relative present is no longer limited by its enumerated powers or to the decisions of the John Marshall or Rodger Taney courts; but, exclusively to the whims and inclinations of political exploiters seeking federal prerogatives.

Today, as never before, the applied ingress of the executive branch upon congressional authority jeopardizes the resulting miracle of the 1787 constitutional convention. Power has once again become the utility of the individual processor instead of a derivative of constitutional authority. The presidency has circumvented the limits of its office by eliminating the legislative processes of congress. President Obama has effectually convened his own congressional convention and appointed himself executive-in-charge.

This ideological diametric is as old as the contesting between James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. However, today the contesting is not limited to the differing of an academic or theoretical disparity.  Now, after over a hundred years of diminishing the meaningfulness of individual liberty in favor of State empowerment; our nation’s republic has effectually converted the aspiration, “of, by, and for the people,” into a governing selective of political affiliates and sponsors who will promise anything to win the next election.  And of course once elected they insist on remaining in power forever…

We Americans elected the leadership that perpetuated the nonsensical legislation; we have silently endured the overt lies of politicians. We have insisted on the perpetuation of counter-intuitive policies both domestic and foreign. We continue electing handsome faces who compose prosaic speeches with the oratorical sway of Richard Burton instead of merit-quality statespersons. Citizens willfully submit to the ambiguity of the governing process; we endorse the variant governing apparatuses who operate free of intense scrutiny. We accept the authority of the State over that of individual freedom with little regard for what we have sacrificed. We fear the very established agencies and departments that were designed to enhance and protect a citizens’ righteous wherewithal. We have allowed the creation of a governing monster and we are afraid to address the fire-breathing dragon.

So…we vote into powers those that comfort us with lies. They tell us that all will be alright…all that’s required is the trade of liberty and freedom for the promise of security.

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