26 05 2014

Authored by William Robert Barber

Those Democrats, “they cheated, they lied, they said that they loved me.” But instead, duplicity was their means to achieve what they perceive as best for their countrymen. Even through their president is a rabid talking-head who will promise anything, cajole anyone, and deceive with the audaciousness of a cat-burglar. They fooled just enough of the people at just the right time to achieve their goal.

From crisis to crisis, press conference to explanatory speeches, the Obama administration ventures “forward” while demonstrating disdain for the slightest inkling of criticism and charging such reproaches as evidence of racist personification.   

And all along I thought the thesis of a constitutional republic was premised on the idea that the elected representative of the people are confronted and restrained by the mores of procedural precedence as well as statutory principles. That a divergent perspective is a characteristic of a democratic republic and as such engenders the basis of discussions aimed at the truth of the matter. After all, so I thought, a politician is armed with evidence laced persuasion wherein the target of such persuasion was consensus. But of course, particularly within the Obama administration, artfulness instead of truthfulness is the skill set of their persuasion; their methodology is resplendent with the amoral thesis that any means to achieve the desired result is better than ceding the rightfulness of a Republican or Fox News.

Withstanding, the pretentious fantasy of congenial compatibility and tolerance amongst the three branches of government unresolved issues arises, dissenters cast aside lawfulness, and scofflaws emerge. Respective of the rightful or wrongful nature of the particular, the finality of a persuasive effort often results in belligerent and aggressive behavior. Such behavior configures the argumentative nexus when striving to govern a democratic republic.  But because of the exponential growth of our federal governing systems, the legislative process as exemplified within the constitution has been redirected to an anonymous, unelected, unionized elitist regulatory bureaucracy. It is this regulatory bureaucracy that governs the process of governing and it is the process of governing that governs this nation’s business.

When the going-ons of political conflict swell into mayhem the media adds its flammables to the fire of controversy. And if that is not enough added perplexity for the average Joe, Congress is overwhelmed by the bog of ideological contrarianism.

Personage leadership in the presidency has dominated over the spirit, if not the tenets of the constitution.  Governing by fiat is now the norm instead of the exception. Hamilton’s vision of a strong executive is fulfilled.

The president has governed his way through all the missteps and outright incompetence of his governorship by a blend of dishonest ignorance and portentous resolve. Of course he had more than a little help from those that choose to cover their eyes, ears, and mouth.



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