Authored by William Robert Barber

Yes, as reflected in his low approval ratings, governing incompetence is an indispensable component of the president’s malaise. And yes, President Obama is a politician on partisan steroids. But then, really, Obama is a socialistically inclined former community organizer who is focused on the utility of social justice so to remake American values. He declared his intent prior to the election.  His foreign policy is predicated on a collective of allies acting as one, the man does not want America to lead; he wants America to engage in discussions. The enthusiastic enhancement of regulatory dominion over private enterprise, his ardent belief that the redistribution of wealth is a moral imperative,  his EPA dictated war on the coal industry, and global warming absent the buy-in from China and India; these are his ideas, and objectives. The president is an opportunist of circumstance who skillfully advantages serendipity. He is a prestidigitator, a hypnotist, and an illusionist who has perfected the artfulness of hypocrisy. But predominantly, he is a frustrated leftist ideologue held to par by the Republicans in the House of Representatives, the tenants of the constitution, and his ineffectual policies.

His economic policy is certainly progressive doctrine but like his foreign policy he is a naïve man instinctually prompted by the sublimity of a moral hypothetical. He does not develop a policy and implement instead (in his own mind) he is a fervently inspired hero. He acts on the conjecture of political gain; his guiding principles are a working-script fashioned and cast by the imaginative director-producer-and lead protagonist-Obama. All of his aides are of like-mind and they know they have with surety two remaining years to reconfigure America as a progressive nation.

In the President Obama screenplay, Factoids replace the factual and definitive.  By servicing some unexplainable undeterminable collective of progressive ideals, all dedicated to the enrichment of “the common good,” the rational of limiting individual liberty is somehow acceptable. The tradition of criticizing the president or his administration for any reason is deftly circumvented by diluting the requirement of competence with the sinful residue of racism, right-wing conspiracies, and obviously stupid conservatives who continue to disagree with rightfulness.

The president and his administration is wandering about with some sort of aimless urgency; he is in need of a cause to rally support; anything other than governing will do…

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