7 07 2014

Authored by William Robert Barber

I do not want to compromise, adjudicate, nor arbitrate my conservative principles. I will no longer regard progressive ideology as a legitimate counter-perspective warranting any degree of thoughtfulness. Henceforth such progressive beliefs and theorems are defined (by me) as half-witted nonsense whose only true result is the abatement of individualism and liberty in favor of statism.

I am unwilling to accept and silently endure the rhetorical misdirects, overt lies, distortions of facts, as well as the continuum of indiscernible babble emitting from the mouths of politicians.

I am fed up with these public employee unions and their coercively applied, self-serving Machiavellian tactics. Equally disturbing is their consistent whining and threats to any and all that counter their purpose.

I could go on and on recanting my voluminous issues of disagreements, conjectures, and general dissatisfactions with government and its lack of prudent governing merits… but of course it’s the cause that matters. And the cause is: The corruptive-malfeasant influences of congress, the judiciary, amoral enterprise, as well as political parties coupled with poor, even debilitating leadership. It is these influences that have effectually perverted this nation’s founding documents into a mishmash of ambiguities shrouded within a methodology of ill-understood processes.

Contrary to accepted understandings there is a well-defined distinct between a republic and a democracy. But the distinction is pronounced and exemplified only when applied. For example, in a democracy the founding principle is one-man-one-vote. From the distance of an academic viewpoint the principle certainly sounds fair and democratic; but when put into effect the one vote degenerates into a simplex of cultural and racial biases. Predetermined opinions often void of supporting evidence substitute the requirement for being well-informed. Votes persuaded by cash or its equivalencies determine electoral outcomes. If one political candidate’s promise is not to tax one group over the other then has that candidate not indirectly purchased votes?

Democracy as practiced in our nation’s electoral system is nothing less than an example of statutorily compliant corruption. The one-man-one-vote principle of American democracy has destroyed the City of Detroit, wholly corrupted the State of Illinois, and — with the help of progressive governance tethered to union expectations — driven blue states into GAAP defined bankruptcy.

Governments, including federal, state, county, and city, have issued — and in some instances force fed — its citizens the elixir of dependence; the addiction is debilitating the meaningfulness of America and its Americans. The constitutional tenet of federalism, checks and balances, equal but separate, a nation of laws not of men, the very platform of the republic is eroding day-by-day in favor of progressive ideals.

The factual reality of our fiscal status is that we cannot afford to pay off our debt: the amount is too high. So like a borrower owing a street-wise moneylender we pay the interest, alter our accounting formula to suite our fabrication, and survive on negative cash flow. How very progressive of us…



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