Authored by William Robert Barber

We have the myth, the truth, the fact, the misconceived, and an assortment of variant interpretations. Then, somewhere amongst these possibilities, are the Obama government de facto. Here is where the dividing line between the ideals of liberal progressives and the conservative appears. I do believe that to be human is to be intrinsically hypocritical and contrarian. Nonetheless, degrees of measurement between one and others are a factor when striving to achieve a meaningful definition. As a consequence of the Obama administration degree of hypocrisy and contrarianism the constitutionally derived faith in the premise that America is (still) a nation of laws not of men is tethering on an answer of “No Longer.”

The president’s number one enforcer of the nation’s laws, Secretary Holder, is obsessed with the concept of white people’s oppression of black American sovereignty and therefore willing to selectively enforce fundamental principles of justice (a citizen’s right to due process) while sympathizing with conjecture before the facts are established. In the interest of implementing the president’s progressive ideology he is willing to ignore, modify, or defer the enforcement of the nation’s laws. Under congressionally imposed oath he has refused to tell the truth.

As displayed recently in the city of Ferguson, Secretary Holder feels the pain of the city’s African American population; he and that state’s governor are in sympathy with Ferguson’s mob reaction to the shooting of Mr. Brown. In other words, prior to the presentation of evidence, before any charges have been filed, this nation’s Attorney General and the State of Missouri’s chief executive, Mr. “vigorous prosecution”, have sided with the mob.

Although not dissuaded enough by other more tumultuous problems, the president did comment on the Ferguson riots. Of course he cautioned against violence but also inserted his sympathies, understanding of the people’s displeasure of police overreaction to the destruction of private property. The address to the citizens of Ferguson was a bit confusing. But then, it was not a campaign stop or a fundraiser, so understandably the president was off his game.

Of course President Obama is confronted with a wholly-lethal totally horrific enemy in Iraq and Syria. He and his progressive confederates have cloaked the recent combat missions with Iraq as efforts in pursuit of humanitarian relief and the protection of American soldiers serving in the region — all 40 of them. What guileful dishonesty; the craftiness of the Obama administration is running straight into the abyss of shameful disregard. The hierarchy of American military leadership as well as Secretary Hagel has submitted all it will submit to the president’s ideology over facts on the ground. Reality will no longer play pretend with a wish-it-was-so President Obama strategy of “hears no evil and sees no evil”.

The world is chaotic, violent, and amoral. A nation state cannot be in the position to trust what it cannot afford to lose. The world of Obama and Kerry are fantasies and make-believes. There is no sadness or tragedy tied to the world’s reality; this is a reality that demands observance and recognition. The Muslims of the world (with exceptions) hate the Jews — that fact is a combustible that will not be wished away. Those regimes within the Middle East that have oil plans on keeping it, autocratic regimes within the region, plan on a continuance of the same governance.

Interestingly, the Muslims, Christians, and Jews of the Middle East depend on American power to protect them from those that would cut off their heads: that is the glue to platform a U.S. foreign policy. A policy founded not on American cash to the Palestinians, therefore to Hamas and other extremist, but to deny such vouches to these misguided Philistines.

I’d say America picks the side of strength, allies with those that accept our terms, and get on with the task at hand: Eliminating any and all resistance to peaceful coexistence — A Pax Americana. This is the America I am speaking of…


Authored by William R. Barber

There is a popular seemingly obligatory response when one suggests that the United States should or needs to act militarily. It usually goes like this: “I know and I too do not want America to be the world’s policeman…”

What!? America is demonstrably — at least since entering WWII — the world’s policeman. Without the influence of America’s sharp sword, pointed spear, and shield, as evidenced in today’s news media, the world suffers under the “slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune.” President Obama, as with Hamlet, hesitates and contemplates; he conjures, deliberates, and cogitates. He dances to a variable of tunes while stubbornly adhering to an ideological determinative that is contrary to the facts. Once again the truths of an Obama foreign policy have been displaced by the facts.

Carl von Clausewitz noted that “the universal currency of politics is power; and power resides in the ability to wreak physical destruction.” In the face of blatant aggression the president willfully desires to limit this nation’s martial tenacity. He refuses to admit his policy mistakes and therefore his only option is to continue a policy founded on a number of inaccurate assumptions and presumptions.

The community organizer and ace campaigner is stumped by his own policies. He cannot talk his way out of this mess.

Yes, America is the world’s policeman. If this nation of ours fails to recognize this fact then we are just playing pretend and patty-cakes. Instead of living in a world of make-believe and wish-it-was-so this nation needs to accept the responsibility of what leadership demands. However, in unison with the acceptance of this responsibility, America can no longer donate the blood of its warriors and continue to sustain the pecuniary cost of not simply deterring overt aggression, as well as disorderly behavior without monetary compensation from those that benefit. And yes, I mean cash or cash equivalency.

For instance the Europeans in particular have abated their cost of defense; they are spending far less on their armed forces proportional to GDP than America. Their reliance is on American arms to protect their interest… no problem, they just need to pay for such protection.

Clearly the progressives of American politics think otherwise. They believe in rainbows, butterflies, and pixie dust. Progressives will trust in J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan tactics and Tinker’s charm. That is until the Jihadist start down their main street. I’m sure at some point there will be a conversion from isolationism to unlimited use of force; but of course, as with Obama’s present military efforts in Iraq, such a conversion will be too little and way too late.


Authored by William Robert Barber

The reasoning of a governing republic is not legislative proficiency; it is not unanimity of purposefulness. A republic fosters and protects the rule of law over the rule of men, as well as, the ideals of free and equal representation. A republic determinately cedes obedience to the facts and literacy of the nation’s constitution; a republic prioritizes individualism and rejects collectivism-inclusive of statism-as detrimental to freedom. A republic encourages the ways and means of limited government, and unabashedly sponsors Adam Smith’s philosophical definition of capitalism. For all of the defining reasons hitherto listed The United States of America is no longer a republic.

Instead America has evolved into a government distanced from the workings of its populous. This distancing has been explicitly enacted by the complexity of its bureaucratic infrastructure, reams of regulatory guidance, Byzantine methodology of governmental process, and stores of statutory ambiguities. The liberal-progressives have crossed the Rubicon with its army of attorneys, compliant politicians, and administrators. They, with the aid and assist of the political class and their sponsoring politicians, have destroyed the republic. The USA is now a government managed by committees, regulators, and the appointed. The progressively inclined media of social networks (formally journalists and reporters) are the marketers who sanctify not only the particular politician but a political, economic, and social agenda of ideological righteousness.

How did we lose the republic? By the step-by-step willful erosion of individual liberty, the selling of our freedoms for the promise of free stuff, and the illusionary believe that government knows best.

Federalism is a principle enshrined within the constitution that is and has been diminishing in substantive functioning since the southern states abortive attempt to secede from the union. Nonetheless, I believe the death blow to federalism as a governing principle was dealt by the ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment in 1913.

The power to directly tax individual citizens respective of where these citizens reside is one half of authoritarian federal power. However, the other half of this controlling power is even more detrimental to the principle of federalism and that half is the discretionary distribution of federal tax revenue to individual states as well as the often ad hoc funding of capricious, erratic, and patchy programs lobbied by special interest.

The tax funded symbiosis of cash, and power enables an ever growing federal government and disables the core reasoning and priorities of this nation’s founding values. When individual liberty and freedom are subservient to socialistic policies and programs; when welfare is perpetually reinvigorated by a let’s spend it congress managed by top-down governess; when political contrarianism for the simple sake of contrarianism dictates the overwhelming context of the present political-social culture America the republic dillydallies into the benign and mute.

The irrefutable discordant to a functioning republic are policies, procedures, and processes that abate the integrity of liberty and individual freedom. When capitalism is handicapped by extraneous regulations and excessive taxation three things will happen. The businesses will leave for a favorable domicile; the unreported economy will increase, and business classified as small business will disobey the unfavorable laws. The republic was lost because of the peoples’ disregard for the traditional values of liberty and freedom, because they traded the pretense of security to purchase their freedom, and frankly because the government grew beyond one’s ability to manage or understand.