5 08 2014

Authored by William Robert Barber

The reasoning of a governing republic is not legislative proficiency; it is not unanimity of purposefulness. A republic fosters and protects the rule of law over the rule of men, as well as, the ideals of free and equal representation. A republic determinately cedes obedience to the facts and literacy of the nation’s constitution; a republic prioritizes individualism and rejects collectivism-inclusive of statism-as detrimental to freedom. A republic encourages the ways and means of limited government, and unabashedly sponsors Adam Smith’s philosophical definition of capitalism. For all of the defining reasons hitherto listed The United States of America is no longer a republic.

Instead America has evolved into a government distanced from the workings of its populous. This distancing has been explicitly enacted by the complexity of its bureaucratic infrastructure, reams of regulatory guidance, Byzantine methodology of governmental process, and stores of statutory ambiguities. The liberal-progressives have crossed the Rubicon with its army of attorneys, compliant politicians, and administrators. They, with the aid and assist of the political class and their sponsoring politicians, have destroyed the republic. The USA is now a government managed by committees, regulators, and the appointed. The progressively inclined media of social networks (formally journalists and reporters) are the marketers who sanctify not only the particular politician but a political, economic, and social agenda of ideological righteousness.

How did we lose the republic? By the step-by-step willful erosion of individual liberty, the selling of our freedoms for the promise of free stuff, and the illusionary believe that government knows best.

Federalism is a principle enshrined within the constitution that is and has been diminishing in substantive functioning since the southern states abortive attempt to secede from the union. Nonetheless, I believe the death blow to federalism as a governing principle was dealt by the ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment in 1913.

The power to directly tax individual citizens respective of where these citizens reside is one half of authoritarian federal power. However, the other half of this controlling power is even more detrimental to the principle of federalism and that half is the discretionary distribution of federal tax revenue to individual states as well as the often ad hoc funding of capricious, erratic, and patchy programs lobbied by special interest.

The tax funded symbiosis of cash, and power enables an ever growing federal government and disables the core reasoning and priorities of this nation’s founding values. When individual liberty and freedom are subservient to socialistic policies and programs; when welfare is perpetually reinvigorated by a let’s spend it congress managed by top-down governess; when political contrarianism for the simple sake of contrarianism dictates the overwhelming context of the present political-social culture America the republic dillydallies into the benign and mute.

The irrefutable discordant to a functioning republic are policies, procedures, and processes that abate the integrity of liberty and individual freedom. When capitalism is handicapped by extraneous regulations and excessive taxation three things will happen. The businesses will leave for a favorable domicile; the unreported economy will increase, and business classified as small business will disobey the unfavorable laws. The republic was lost because of the peoples’ disregard for the traditional values of liberty and freedom, because they traded the pretense of security to purchase their freedom, and frankly because the government grew beyond one’s ability to manage or understand.




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