Authored by William R. Barber

There is a popular seemingly obligatory response when one suggests that the United States should or needs to act militarily. It usually goes like this: “I know and I too do not want America to be the world’s policeman…”

What!? America is demonstrably — at least since entering WWII — the world’s policeman. Without the influence of America’s sharp sword, pointed spear, and shield, as evidenced in today’s news media, the world suffers under the “slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune.” President Obama, as with Hamlet, hesitates and contemplates; he conjures, deliberates, and cogitates. He dances to a variable of tunes while stubbornly adhering to an ideological determinative that is contrary to the facts. Once again the truths of an Obama foreign policy have been displaced by the facts.

Carl von Clausewitz noted that “the universal currency of politics is power; and power resides in the ability to wreak physical destruction.” In the face of blatant aggression the president willfully desires to limit this nation’s martial tenacity. He refuses to admit his policy mistakes and therefore his only option is to continue a policy founded on a number of inaccurate assumptions and presumptions.

The community organizer and ace campaigner is stumped by his own policies. He cannot talk his way out of this mess.

Yes, America is the world’s policeman. If this nation of ours fails to recognize this fact then we are just playing pretend and patty-cakes. Instead of living in a world of make-believe and wish-it-was-so this nation needs to accept the responsibility of what leadership demands. However, in unison with the acceptance of this responsibility, America can no longer donate the blood of its warriors and continue to sustain the pecuniary cost of not simply deterring overt aggression, as well as disorderly behavior without monetary compensation from those that benefit. And yes, I mean cash or cash equivalency.

For instance the Europeans in particular have abated their cost of defense; they are spending far less on their armed forces proportional to GDP than America. Their reliance is on American arms to protect their interest… no problem, they just need to pay for such protection.

Clearly the progressives of American politics think otherwise. They believe in rainbows, butterflies, and pixie dust. Progressives will trust in J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan tactics and Tinker’s charm. That is until the Jihadist start down their main street. I’m sure at some point there will be a conversion from isolationism to unlimited use of force; but of course, as with Obama’s present military efforts in Iraq, such a conversion will be too little and way too late.

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