Authored by William Robert Barber

We have the myth, the truth, the fact, the misconceived, and an assortment of variant interpretations. Then, somewhere amongst these possibilities, are the Obama government de facto. Here is where the dividing line between the ideals of liberal progressives and the conservative appears. I do believe that to be human is to be intrinsically hypocritical and contrarian. Nonetheless, degrees of measurement between one and others are a factor when striving to achieve a meaningful definition. As a consequence of the Obama administration degree of hypocrisy and contrarianism the constitutionally derived faith in the premise that America is (still) a nation of laws not of men is tethering on an answer of “No Longer.”

The president’s number one enforcer of the nation’s laws, Secretary Holder, is obsessed with the concept of white people’s oppression of black American sovereignty and therefore willing to selectively enforce fundamental principles of justice (a citizen’s right to due process) while sympathizing with conjecture before the facts are established. In the interest of implementing the president’s progressive ideology he is willing to ignore, modify, or defer the enforcement of the nation’s laws. Under congressionally imposed oath he has refused to tell the truth.

As displayed recently in the city of Ferguson, Secretary Holder feels the pain of the city’s African American population; he and that state’s governor are in sympathy with Ferguson’s mob reaction to the shooting of Mr. Brown. In other words, prior to the presentation of evidence, before any charges have been filed, this nation’s Attorney General and the State of Missouri’s chief executive, Mr. “vigorous prosecution”, have sided with the mob.

Although not dissuaded enough by other more tumultuous problems, the president did comment on the Ferguson riots. Of course he cautioned against violence but also inserted his sympathies, understanding of the people’s displeasure of police overreaction to the destruction of private property. The address to the citizens of Ferguson was a bit confusing. But then, it was not a campaign stop or a fundraiser, so understandably the president was off his game.

Of course President Obama is confronted with a wholly-lethal totally horrific enemy in Iraq and Syria. He and his progressive confederates have cloaked the recent combat missions with Iraq as efforts in pursuit of humanitarian relief and the protection of American soldiers serving in the region — all 40 of them. What guileful dishonesty; the craftiness of the Obama administration is running straight into the abyss of shameful disregard. The hierarchy of American military leadership as well as Secretary Hagel has submitted all it will submit to the president’s ideology over facts on the ground. Reality will no longer play pretend with a wish-it-was-so President Obama strategy of “hears no evil and sees no evil”.

The world is chaotic, violent, and amoral. A nation state cannot be in the position to trust what it cannot afford to lose. The world of Obama and Kerry are fantasies and make-believes. There is no sadness or tragedy tied to the world’s reality; this is a reality that demands observance and recognition. The Muslims of the world (with exceptions) hate the Jews — that fact is a combustible that will not be wished away. Those regimes within the Middle East that have oil plans on keeping it, autocratic regimes within the region, plan on a continuance of the same governance.

Interestingly, the Muslims, Christians, and Jews of the Middle East depend on American power to protect them from those that would cut off their heads: that is the glue to platform a U.S. foreign policy. A policy founded not on American cash to the Palestinians, therefore to Hamas and other extremist, but to deny such vouches to these misguided Philistines.

I’d say America picks the side of strength, allies with those that accept our terms, and get on with the task at hand: Eliminating any and all resistance to peaceful coexistence — A Pax Americana. This is the America I am speaking of…

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