Authored by William Robert Barber

Struck by the malaise of uncertainty the president juxtaposes rhetoric with war and chooses words. He demands the decimation of ISIS while severely limiting the scope and means to achieve his demand. The threat of these Islamic terrorists to American interest is deemed real and apparent; nevertheless the commander-in-chief’s chosen weapon is playing diplomatic paddy-cakes with enemy and ally alike.

The president is, at least seemingly, willing to allow the disparagement of his office by firstly making promises of certainties and absolutes whiles secondly debasing the integrity of his certainties and absolutes. If such contradictions are not an indication of some sort of clinically attributable behavioral dysfunction, surely his overt willingness to place himself (often) in precarious predicament is a flagellation he can do without.

His less than presidential behavior coincides and complements his repeated lying statements regarding healthcare; his insistence that there is not a smidgen of corruption within the IRS’s management, and his recent statement of denial that he was NOT referencing ISIS when calling out ISIS as a junior varsity team when they scattered the Iraqi army guarding Northern Iraqi. My favorite outrage is Benghazi: blaming the video and parading former ambassador Rice out to overtly lie to the American people. This president of ours has several issues way beyond simply willing to do whatever to win an election — I’m beginning to believe he is unconcerned as well as disengaged. I now question his desire to fulfill his oath of office.

Are we to believe that President Obama will lead a coalition of regional nation states into battle? I don’t think so. Does congress believe that voting to fund the elusive 5,000 Syrian moderates will rid America of the ISIS menace? Of course not; it’s an election year maybe after January 2, 2015 something sensible cogitates into some distinguishable form. How’s that for American leadership?

Air power is keeping ISIS at bay and that’s a wonderful thing but this is not America’s finest hour. What’s needed now is a leader with gusto and sublime integrity to break with the president’s absurdities and challenge the president’s authority and the moral righteousness to lead.

Fat chance of any politician to step forward and highly unlikely a general or two will cast such a stone. Nothing is likely to happen until after the election…


Authored by William Robert Barber

The cost for this nation’s sovereignty and surety of domestic peacefulness is the expenditure of American blood and treasure. Any other consideration is dangerously naïve. Peace as defined in fact, and practice is an imaginative illusion. No defense impedes a determined offensive; to think otherwise would be the Obama Doctrine of containment. Wherein, instead of maintaining a lethal military and the determination to implement, the arrows in the president’s quiver are understanding, good faith, humility, and most importantly a consolatory regard for the positions of one’s enemy.

When U.S. leadership declares an ‘or if’ statement (i.e. “red line” absolutes in Syria) and then does not act decisively to initiate the ‘or if’ consequence, our enemies interpret such as not simply a sign of weakness but a signal that the Unites States are ceding the region, the particular situation, and the prevailing result to its counter-party.

This secession of authority by the United States, specifically the unwillingness to tangibly act respective of our overwhelming martial dominance has happened over and over again. For instance: This nation expended blood and treasure in WWI and then walked away from engaging with our allies in and for an equitable settlement of vital concerns. In WWII the U.S. naïvely entrusted Stalin’s communist Russia. General Eisenhower opened Berlin and Eastern Europe to Russian occupation per the Yalta Agreement. With UN authority but mostly U.S. blood and treasure we walked away from a divided Korea resulting in a nuclear armed gangster nation. President Kennedy did not invade Cuba; indeed, he promised the United States would never invade. This nation committed its armed forces in Vietnam but would not invade the North so to ultimately destroy all organized resistance. President Reagan put U.S. Marines into Lebanon as a show of force but would not issue ammunition to individual marines. He foolishly believed that a show of force was the same as military force. Hundreds of Marines were killed and wounded and instead of punishing the perpetrator he, like President Clinton in Africa, withdrew back across to the safety of the Atlantic.

Putin’s Russia has captured vast zones of Ukrainian territory by armed invasion and Obama’s America contemplates the possibility of increased sanctions. NATO has been castrated whiles the neighborhood seeks appeasement and conciliatory diplomacy. Fear and anxiety have replaced hopefulness because the United States have repeatedly announced what it will not do — while emphasizing what it will not do is impair Putin’s territorial ambitions by military force.

The expenditure of blood and treasure is the fare of and for domestic peacefulness. If this nation is unwilling to pay the fare then sovereignty is just a matter of time.

President Obama is lost. He vacillates about in a desperate struggle to induce the contrivance of a progressive ideology into an apathetic world that submits and reconciles only to power. Because such is the context and meaningfulness of his political being the president is a danger to U.S. interest. His cabinet, his advisors, his fellow democrats had better step in and correct their leader’s process of thoughtfulness before this nation suffers another blow to the homeland and to our worldwide prestige. China is watching…


Authored by William Robert Barber

Amongst billions of other Homo sapiens vying for their unequal share of available resources America and its people cannot grasp the day-to-day reality of living on this spinning sphere. Despite reams of historical as well as present day, media revealed substantiation Americans would rather believe its lying eyes then the palpable and factual.

Will America ever accept problematic behavioral dysfunction as a constant of the human condition? The transactional events today include armed and dangerous rival governments, some with WMD deliverables. Organized and disorganized crime is a lethal threat to the stability of world-wide lawfulness. A plethora of terrorist networks, gangs, and wannabe’s with murderous intentions threaten to decimate enlightened society; as if retrograded back into the “Dark Ages” the world is violently chaotic. But and despite all evidence to the contrary America’s leadership seems satisfied with third-party deliberation, the anecdotal prattle of UN ineffectiveness, and submission to Russian and Chinese hegemonic ambitions.

This nation’s commander in chief is in a mesmerizing state contemplating not a holistic military/diplomatic response to the violent aggression of Jihadist but instead striving to develop and enact a policy of doing nothing at all…or should I correct myself and say he is contemplating extending his strategy of too little-way too late.

I am repeatedly told that the American people are war weary, tired, and frustrated with its heretofore experience in the Middle East. This rather futile expression of defeatism is buttress by the fanciful expectation that some other nation or nations should lead and bear the financial burden. This discussion is going on while our armed forces are bombing the enemy and reinforcing its havens of war making capability. Once again the policy makers are much-more comfortable believing their lying eyes than the facts that reality transparently provides.

Here’s some reality, our Jihadist enemies are determined to kill and destroy our person and culture. There is no amount of understanding or concession that deters them from their beliefs or their mission. America must understand that peace is only an interlude and that even that interlude is impossible to experience unless we are not only constantly preparing for war but are willing to physical act to protect our interest.

Mr. Putin is seems strong and resolved because President Obama is weak and conflicted. Putin is infected with a nationalistically founded sense of revenge; he believes that Mother Russia was robbed of its former resources by a western conspiratorial sleight-of-hand. And Obama is wandering about in search of a 21st century statesman to confer and compromise.

Our counter party in Russia has declared that Russia is a strong nuclear armed nation and it will not be denied its manifest destiny. China desires control over the South China Sea…Obama is concern about the midterm elections. One can note the disparity of interest. Obama has focused on a strategy of lessening American influence whiles our counterparties are advantaging Obama’s perception of a world that exists only in the classroom of Harvard, Columbia, and Princeton.