Authored by William Robert Barber

Struck by the malaise of uncertainty the president juxtaposes rhetoric with war and chooses words. He demands the decimation of ISIS while severely limiting the scope and means to achieve his demand. The threat of these Islamic terrorists to American interest is deemed real and apparent; nevertheless the commander-in-chief’s chosen weapon is playing diplomatic paddy-cakes with enemy and ally alike.

The president is, at least seemingly, willing to allow the disparagement of his office by firstly making promises of certainties and absolutes whiles secondly debasing the integrity of his certainties and absolutes. If such contradictions are not an indication of some sort of clinically attributable behavioral dysfunction, surely his overt willingness to place himself (often) in precarious predicament is a flagellation he can do without.

His less than presidential behavior coincides and complements his repeated lying statements regarding healthcare; his insistence that there is not a smidgen of corruption within the IRS’s management, and his recent statement of denial that he was NOT referencing ISIS when calling out ISIS as a junior varsity team when they scattered the Iraqi army guarding Northern Iraqi. My favorite outrage is Benghazi: blaming the video and parading former ambassador Rice out to overtly lie to the American people. This president of ours has several issues way beyond simply willing to do whatever to win an election — I’m beginning to believe he is unconcerned as well as disengaged. I now question his desire to fulfill his oath of office.

Are we to believe that President Obama will lead a coalition of regional nation states into battle? I don’t think so. Does congress believe that voting to fund the elusive 5,000 Syrian moderates will rid America of the ISIS menace? Of course not; it’s an election year maybe after January 2, 2015 something sensible cogitates into some distinguishable form. How’s that for American leadership?

Air power is keeping ISIS at bay and that’s a wonderful thing but this is not America’s finest hour. What’s needed now is a leader with gusto and sublime integrity to break with the president’s absurdities and challenge the president’s authority and the moral righteousness to lead.

Fat chance of any politician to step forward and highly unlikely a general or two will cast such a stone. Nothing is likely to happen until after the election…

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