Authored by William Robert Barber

The political trajectory of America is about to be reset or the status quo reaffirmed. The liberal progressives will retain the Harry Reid Senate and celebrate another electoral victory or Mitch McConnell (if he wins his election in Kentucky) will capture the leadership of the majority. This midterm election is the bellwether; the ideological basis of America’s governing future. If the Republican Party is defeated in its quest for Senate majority, Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States and conservatism as the political means to constitutional governance will be severely impaired.

There can be no doubt that the progressive movement is focused on controlling the governing destiny of America. The confederation of labor unions, leftist academia, teachers unions, federal employee unions, welfare beneficiaries, and the manifold of communalist of subtle socialist hues represent a challenge to any conservative politician.

The Jeffersonian concept of one-man-one-vote has prompted overpromising exaggerations and outright lies as a politician’s rhetorical standard. Interestingly the variable media distributors as well as the electorate have brushed away such practice as within the bounds of statutory acceptance. As a consequence President Obama and his administration have found the leeway to outright lie regarding ObamaCare and Benghazi.

I do believe it is evident that variable governments — particularly the central government — have by process and purposeful ambiguity distanced themselves from the average American. Our primary problem in this nation state of ours is not inequality of income or opportunity. It is not access to healthcare. It’s not racism nor running roughshod over the disenfranchised. The prevailing issue of concern is an ambivalent president presiding inequitably over a congress and a judicial system that has, over the span of many administrations, directly or indirectly, consciously or not, by means legal or extralegal, permitted those of economic and governmental influence to benefit the political elite.

In America the governing process is known and executed by a very few. Our laws are not simply ambiguous — they are subject to interpretation by the non-elected. Regulators decide what the law means and in time, usually a long time, maybe the judiciary decides whether the interpretation is constitutional or not. This is the result of a nation state that has forsaken the merits of individualism, liberty, and personal freedom and submitted its sovereignty to attorneys supported by a runaway legion of bureaucrats.

Well, maybe on November 4 the swell of progressivism in America will abate; possibly, a movement toward conservative values will firmly plant its flag in Washington…maybe.

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