Authored by William Robert Barber

Well…finally the electorate has firmly rejected the liberal progressives’ policies and ideological sway. The president’s administration has been starkly alerted; democratic politicians and all of their minions have received fatally effective demerits. The executive branch’s operational malaise of “just getting by” or outright incompetence has been exposed. Withstanding any liberal-inclined pundit’s rational to the contrary this 2014 mid-term election was an undeniable devastating defeat for the Democratic Party and most prominently for President Obama.

My conservative persona is relived. My faith in the wisdom of voters restored. Now if the Republicans managed the legislative process and art of governing with prudence the election of 2016 could deliver the White House.

Because our nation’s laws and regulatory rules are so interpretively multifarious and inherently convoluted by incongruities, a fluidity of meaninglessness is the result of any attempt to illuminate or contextually expose a statutory law/regulatory guideline to the public. So when politicians (of either political party) compound the difficulty of communicating with talking-points and ideological nothingness the usual response sums into a sleepy headedness of disquiet regard. What the Republicans need to do is speak directly and candidly to their fellow citizens and dispatch the politicking nonsense to the trash bin.

I assume the progressives will not lay down and submit to conservative sensibility. It will fall upon the majority to lead without abandoning the forethought of knowing when it is best to follow. When practicing politics with its intrinsic proclivity for contrarian ambiguities, tone may supersede contextual authenticity, rhetoric, and elocution is as important as policy implementation, and deciphering the differing between empirical facts from an ideological truth may perhaps determine determined result.

My hope is that this recent election is a harbinger of/for 2016 wherein between now and then the nation returns to its roots of a federal republic that practices the constitutional doctrine of equal but separate incorporated within the check and balance system of governing.

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